Just after reading her two books and listening to a recording of her talk I heard over You Tube, I have become a fan of Sudha Murthy.

She is the Chairperson of Infosys Foundation that works for the under privileged society, making sure that help reaches those who have no godfather to look after them.  

The First book that I read is :

Three thousand stitches.

Second book is :

Something happened on the way to Heaven

Both these books have real life stories,  stories Sudha Murthy collected while walking the journey called life. One can stuck a cord with her in no time. Her writing method is super casual, no philosophical sentences compelling reader to scrach their heads. Its like listening to a wise friend talking about day to day life.


We, the spiritual aspirants, would even find answers to our uncrafted questions, questions which have not yet formed in our head. 


Her stories revolve around life, people, her own experiences, as also experiences of few others.  She has shared her initial struggles like transforming her own dressing style so as to be accepted by the women she wanted to help.  This was while working for the welfare of devdasi (women forced to live life in a way they didn’t want ). Then she shared her childhood thoughts, as to how her grandparents were a silent force in making her what she is, as also her college challenges being the only  girl in an enginnering college with all boys.

Many more diverse experiences have been shared, like how while taking a dip in Ganga at Kashi, she took a sankalpa (vow) of leaving behind one thing she loved to do and that was her love to buy new sarees. Its been more than 25 years now and she never broke that sankalpa. 

I have gained a lot today at subtle level of my being, by knowing her through her books. Living legends like her carry much more energy to influence people , than the dry wisdom one gets from big big books with heavy titles. Today another knot of my mind got opened with her energy. I have understood that putting in physical efforts and working for people is at a higher pedestal than reading or listening to words of wisdom, gyan and intellectual knowledge. 

If nothing more right now, I can at least pay my humble appreciations to her persona.


Love you🤗🌹🌹🌹🌹



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