🍎Red Rosy Apple  🍎

‘A for apple…

That was the first fruit I heard in my kindergarten class.

The twinkling eyes till date

Remember it with delight

Ah! The Red Rosy Apple.


Mom very fondly said…

‘You are the Apple of my eye’

I roll over with pride even today.

And now pass it down fondly 

To my children and grandchildren.

Papa got basket full of apples

And chorused…

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’.

I loved my apple jam spread on bread

And tasty apple shake drink 

Then happily wiping those whiskers away.

Those were the happy appley days.

With  friends over, I flaunted my cooking skills

Making nutty Apple crumbles

That got polished in between compliments.

The colour of the apples then rose on my cheeks.

With puffed up pride of my known skills

My culinary arts and love of apples

Brought many awards not to mention.

All those memories of yonder days,

 I bring them all alive in Rosy hues.

In my new found art of scribbles and strokes

And the picture, you guessed it right!

Yes my favourite….

🍎Red Rosy Apple  🍎