Hopefully am nearing the finish line of this Maze .

Today  my house help narrated, in some detail, the agony of people who have lost their shanties in yesterday’s fire.  (Here in Saraffabad area of Noida, some 45 shanties of migrant workers are now  just a heap of leftover due to  two hours long fire).

 Her narration  of incident evoked in me emotions deeper than reading such a news in a newspaper and forgetting it within a day or two.

She said, “one elderly woman from nearby just went there to see the after-fire scenario and she got fainted “.

This has helped me untangle  one more of my own inner knots.

I have understood the inner world of emotions a bit more.

The 16 year old me used to be worried about what will happen if all the petrol is finished  !!!!   Will everything come to a stand still !!!

The 26 years me, had few more worries about the world at large. My helping hand was not long enough.

The 36 years one also was more or less a worrier only,  having started feeling pain somewhat deeply  and offering real time help. Still consistency was missing.  Then by the time I was 46, I was in a baby stage of helping others, along with self-help.

Now my this new avtara  at  56 years of body age is quite amazing  She  is all set to become  a warrior. (All GRACE OF GOD, since am leading a surrendered life). 

Such is the transition from a worrier to a warrior. It took  40 years of Anu’s present life tenure.

Am no more feeling only emotions, although pure and real, yet  inactive and passive (दबी हुई भावनाएं ) – who rarely saw the dawn of action. Today  am all geared up on the path of doing some meaningful contribution, be it monetary or otherwise, at the ground level.

Friends, such is the path of growth.  For  me it was quite a long one. But surely a  strong one. It won’t fade off now. Am so sure that my emotional self  has grown from a baby to adult now.  That’s why today other’s pain can extract some action from my being. 😊

I also am of the opinion that this is how PROCLIVITIES find their solid ground in a life.  Am sure that  my this young, adult avatara of  emotional self will be my companion in my next life as well.  Perhaps this exactly is the whole procedure of self  transformation, of leaving old and adopting new proclivities. 

Nature imparts a  lesson as also support to learn that lesson well. Then we get evolved and our learning starts to take  actual shape in the form of ACTIONS.

Am loving my a bit grown up SELF🥰🥰🥰