1- If it doesn’t energise you, your exercise is of no use.

2-If you don’t play, your childhood is of no use.

3-If you cannot retire, your money is of no use.

4-If you don’t feel hungry, your diet is of no use.

5-If you don’t contemplate in silence, your reading is of no use.

6-If there is no justice, freedom is of no use.

7-If you cannot enjoy small things, your spirituality is of no use

8-If others learn about it, your selfless service is of no use

9-If your guru cannot impart wisdom, your guru is of no use.

10-If you cannot love others and show compassion for all other beings, your god is of no use

11-If you are not aware, living is of no use.

Author’s Note – I have not elaborated on the above points, as I wanted to give my readers a quick read. In case of any queries, please comment below. I’ll be happy to elaborate.

Thank you.