If you don’t know what it feels like to fall into the slippery slope of sadness, depression, or stress, consider yourself lucky.

And can anyone easily say that they have not had challenging moments?

As I have spent the early years of my life navigating the above emotions, I have finally realized they are part of the human condition. And that’s that!

When you look at them from a detached angle, you can find them worthy of our precious time and energy. These emotions help us appreciate the full spectrum of this incarnation. If we never felt sad, depressed, or anxious, we would not know what it feels like to be in the exact opposite condition. Ever thought of this?

The good news is there is a way out of the murky waters.

Here are 10 things to remember when times are tough, in no particular order,

  1. Everything has a beginning, middle and end. This, too, shall pass, just like everything else.
  2. You have been through challenging situations before, and you have made it. Look at you now.
  3. With the help of difficult times, you are given a possibility to understand yourself — and your purpose — deeper. Ask yourself, “What is this experience bringing to the surface?” Are you avoiding facing a part of you, you’d rather not deal with?
  4. You don’t have to follow every thought your brain creates. Learn to discern the ones to follow and the ones to let go.
  5. Allow yourself to go through the emotion. It’s ok to feel what you feel. It’s ok to not know the name of the feeling you are going through at the moment.
  6. Take time to take care of yourself. Remember what brings you joy. Spend time doing that.
  7. Don’t let others’ negativity influence you. It’s not your responsibility to make everyone happy. Read this again.
  8. Learn to set proper boundaries for yourself and others. This can be a tough one, yet oh so worth it!
  9. Don’t say yes when you mean to say no. A life changer!
  10. There is always. Always. Something to be grateful for. And if you can’t find anything, look a little deeper.

I hope you found these points helpful.

Is there one, in particular, you resonate with? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading.


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