On 7th June 2011, our Om Swami shared His first post on His blog. It’s been 10 years and it was titled My Truth. Since then, it’s been ten years of truth, a fountain of wisdom, an ocean of compassion and an eternally loving heart, available for us all to dive in. He said that He used to write for a handful of people, and how He has found us all over these 10 years is phenomenal.

Swami’s posts cannot be described because they speak for themselves. If you have ever read any of His posts several times, spread out over several months, you may have realised that the meaning changes with us. As our perception changes, as we evolve (or devolve), the posts also give us different lessons. As He said Himself in His Gates of Shambhala post:

Randomly pick any five posts from this blog. Now, select five verses from any scripture of your choice. Read them alternately. Are they saying the same thing?   ~ Om Swami

Are they? I’ll let you come to your own conclusion, as I have come to mine. With a heart filled with gratitude, we can only click away and find all of life’s answers on here. I promise you, that anything you may be dealing with, Swami has an answer for you in His posts. Any struggles, just search up the word related to the issue and there will be a relevant post. Sometimes, we can randomly click on wisdom and select any page, click on any post which seems attractive in that state of mind, and bam, your answer is there. 

This precious blog, which is now os.me is truly the guide to help us sail through life with the right wisdom and guidance. As we set out to discover our own truth, sometimes we underestimate what we have been blessed with. 

This life is real and transient, like the bubbles in froth, love it, live it before it pops. ~ Om Swami, os.me

Let’s celebrate His playground’s birthday, with gratitude, joy and determination to transform. We shall not wait for another 10 years in this lifetime, there is no better time than now. That’s enough Sleep. Let’s Wake up! Time is Running Out! (See! A post for every expression.) 

So, let’s discover our own truth, which is what this amazing platform is all about. How? By reading, contemplating and applying whatever feels true to us. The food has already been cut into pieces and provided to us. We only have to taste it, chew it and swallow it:)

And, here’s a little poem which I wrote, through His grace. 

In love, I gaze upon you sweetly
With the slightest nudge,
I never stop guiding you

In the silence of our love
You forgot me, yet, I smile.
Who am I?

I never change but when others come, I hide
For, alone, I exist
And I, alone exist

I always am, come to me,
Unlearn it all
And let me fill you with love

Let’s unite, Oh my Child
I am closer than you could ever imagine
Annihilate this distance
I’m waiting for you.

I am truth.
Always, forever and eternally,
Yours alone.

On that note, in eternal gratitude to Om Swami, who has been living for us all since more than 10 years, let’s wake up to our Truth.