100 Days of Writing.

And A Few Things That I learnt. 

Today is the 100th day of my writing journey on this beautiful platform. And this is my 100th post. 

100 is not a special number. It’s an arbitrary number like any other. So, there’s no special reason to celebrate. But, there are free things I want to share. 

On the very first day when I published my first post, I didn’t decide I would write everyday. Actually I had two or three posts already ready at my disposal. So I just published them for the first few days. But, suddenly this thought came—why not write every day? This was a challenge to me. Because I knew I had to write fresh peices of writing every day. But I took this self-given challenge. 

It’s been a creative journey for me. I wrote poems, as well as articles and few essay type ones. I even wrote on Hindi poem. Because I wanted to break myself. I wanted to go out of my comfort zone and do something unique which I had never done. 

The things that I learnt from this writing journey may help you as well. So, I am sharing my learnings. 

1. Purpose has to be clear. Whatever it is that we do, why should we do it?—we must ask this to ourselves. I asked myself—why do I write? And the answer is, to explore myself. You know, writing is self-exploratory in nature. Writing gives you the opportunity to explore the world of thoughts, emotions, ideas and feelings. It’s a kind of self-churning. That’s why I like writing. And it’s been the primary reason since the beginning. Of course, there is the added incentive of monthly earning. And honestly speaking, this earning gives me that joy that my job doesn’t give me. 

2. Consistency is crucial for excellence in anything and everything we do. Small tasks done regularly develop the virtue of discipline in you. And as they say, the gap between dreams and reality must be bridged by discipline. Without discipline nothing great can be achieved.

3. Positive change in people’s lives is the best thing that you can bring with your life. And writing can do that very effectively. A good piece of writing can alter our consciousness. It can motivate us, give us hope, show us way, educate us, equip us with various tools and strategies to deal with everyday life and so much more. 

4. Doing what we love is a guaranteed way of bringing happiness into our lives. Most of us are not really happy doing our jobs. Our jobs give us salaries, but without satisfaction, it becomes a burden. So, try to explore what you love doing and start doing it, even on a small scale. It’ll give you a confidence boost. 

5. Being creative is important, especially in creative fields. But, actually in pretty much everything, creativity is required. Otherwise, the task becomes monotonous. We should have the courage to break ourselves, to get out of our comfort zone. We should constantly learn new things. 

These were a few things I wanted to share. I hope my writings have been of help. Or at least they didn’t waste your time. 

Thank you all for so much support and love. Your comments reveal the impact of my writings, so they are very important to me. 

Stay well everyone. Jai Shri Hari 🙏

See you. 

Thank you.
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