1 You are an  individual, you are unique, beautiful creation of Supreme God ..God, surely had some purpose when creating you.. So, always acknowledge this fact and smile and say to yourself , “God surely had some purpose for  creating me, now I need to find out that purpose in my life.
2 Never compare yourself with others , never be willing to be successful in life just because you want to compete with others.. 
3 Always know that this universe has its  own laws with which it operates.. Never blame anyone or any situation for your disappointments, failures or something you have not gained in life.. Everything happens in accordance with the universal laws…
4 Always be in the present moment.. Do not think about the past or worry about the future.. When you don’t think about past and do not worry about future, you will be in the present moment..and in the present moment the mind is still and calm.. 
5.Cultivate the habit of being kind and being compassionate to every person.
6.Never ever judge anyone in life . We have a tendency of judging every one by the way they treat us in life.. That is …more of our thoughts about them is based on their action towards us. But, if we observe more closely, that is just our thoughts , we don’t even know what the other person is really like.. We can not know anybody by judging them.. The only person we can know or we know is ourselves.. So, never judge anybody .. Right now, just do not judge them and see them without the blames, hatred, grudges you have for them.  Just see them without all these and you will have immense compassion towards the other being.
7. Give, give , give and give.. Whatever you can just give and not expect anything in return.
8..Give unconditional love to yourself.  All our life we have been taught to love others but not ourselves. Love yourself beyond the limit and you can love everybody else..
9.Let go of your controlling nature.. Don’t control anyone in your life.. No body likes to be in control because we are a free being:) here again the only person who you can control is yourself.. Control your speech when talking to others.. Control your mind if it tends to take you somewhere you don’t want to go.. Control your senses.
10. Remember, life is full of ups and downs.  It is not always a smooth ride. So, don’t be disappointed if you are going through the hard phase in your life.  Happiness and sorrow are the two sides of a coin called life..
11.. Choose peace above anything else.. Happiness gives you peace.. Happiness is a state of being.. You can never be happy if you search happiness outside of you that is in outside things, person or anything else besides you.. This is not the way for happiness.. Happiness is the realization where you find out that it is not the external things that give happiness, but rather something that is innate in me, that is within me. When you get into that stage, then you will be in peace.. Peace is the ultimate goal of human life.. Whatever you do , what you want in the end is the peace and only peace….
12.. Be purified in thoughts, action and speech.. Be in alignment with your thought , speech and action.. Don’t think something, say something and do something else..
13.Help as much people as you can in any way you can.. It will give you immense satisfaction in life. 
14. Learn from your mistakes.
15. Wish good for others, wish good health for others, pray and wish for a beautiful world .. Praying and wishing good for others will give you back what you have wished for others..
16. Be happy in others success.. Show your happiness..
17. Gratitude,Gratitude and Gratitude…Always be thankful for what you have in life.. Always thank God
18. Live a guilt free life.. If you need to forgive someone ,forgive ,and if you need to ask for forgiveness ask.
19.Learn something new everyday…learn , learn and learn .. Never stop learning until the end of
your life..
20. Good books are the best companions in life.. Always take time to read good books..
21. Work on your passion each day. Take  time everyday to do the things you love.. Cooking, painting, dancing , singing, writing or whatever it is..
22.. Meditate every day to connect with your inner being…
23.. Give away the things in donation that you don’t use anymore…
24.. Make your home clutter free and simple..
25..Don’t worry about anything.. Go with the flow..
26.. Be humble, practice humility, be polite ..
27 Make a habit of listening to people rather than to haste to put your point forward when talking..Practice good communication skills. Be a good listener.
28 Take a shower everyday.. Brush twice a day and floss
29 .. Make one day in a week fasting day if u can.
30.. Always appreciate when someone helps you.
31..Be like a kid sometimes.. Eat what you want, play with kids..watch kids movie
32..Be disciplined in life.. Take your responsibility , do your duty ..as a mother, father, husband , wife  , son, daughter, brother, sister.. Whatever you are do it with care, love and attention..
33..For everything you need in your life you have to earn it.Respect, love, dignity, honor , good friends, you can not get it free.. Give all those to others and it will come back to you…
34.. Be independent..
35..Character is your greatest wealth.. It doesn’t matter if you are rich, poor, learned or unlearned.  Nothing matters .. The only thing that matters is how you behave, how is your character.
36.. Good action always gives good results..Law of cause and effect. Reap what you sow.
37.. Always be strong to face any situation in life.. No body knows what happens in life.. Make yourself strong enough to face it..
38..Get moving , stretch and stretch ,, exercise, walking, running, drink lots of water.Take care of your physical health.
39. Eat dessert sometimes, you will like it:)
40.Jealousy, hatred, Anger , greed , eradicate these words from your dictionary of life..
41.Work with self confidence, dedication, hard work and willingness to make your dream into reality..Remember, there is nothing impossible in this World. 
42.. Be creative in life..
43.. Motivation, motivation and motivation. Always look for motivation to inspire you to do the things you want to do in life. All you need is motivation and inspiration.. Be the one to give it to others and get it from others..
44.. Soak in the sun.. Get enough vitamins and calcium in your diet.. Eat well..
45.. Always listen to your body, if it tells you something is wrong, go to the doctor ..
46.. Go to the dentist , once a year ..
47.Smile more often, laugh . Don’t take stress.. Make your life easy living..
48. Do your karma, leave the rest upon God.
49.. Less tv, social media and cell phones.. Be in nature for some minutes everyday..
50.Always look for solution when there is a problem.
51.Always be optimistic in life, hope for the best..
52.Be patient, Have patience when you go through rough times in life. Patience and tolerance are the virtues to cultivate..
53.Believe in unity.. Don’t hesitate to ask for help with someone if you need it.
54.Always respect elders.. Their blessings is the greatest thing you can achieve in the world. Respect and love your parents.
55.Always support the truth, nothing else but truth..
56.When in doubt, always decide from intellect.
57.Always think about how am I going to be a better person each and everyday? Explore within. 
58. Don’t indulge in bad habits
59.Be a responsible citizen of a nation..
60.Eat lots of fruits and vegetables..
61.love your enemy..
62.Always listen to your inner voice..
63.Try something risky in life.. Face your fears..
64. Always believe in God…
65.Make bliss your ultimate purpose in life..
66.Cook at home
67.Drop your ego.. Have a positive attitude..
68. Be friendly to everyone you meet.
69.Delete the word impossible from your dictionary and replace it with’It is possible “
70.Avoid multitasking, do one thing at a time.
71.Avoid procrastination..
72.Go to bed early, wake up early..
73.Learn to say ,”No” to people if you can’t help..
74.Make the habit of saving money.. You never know when you need them.. Don’t spend money on the things that you don’t need..
75.Sip your favourite wine sometimes:)
76.Take a vacation once in a while.. Take a break from your routine work..
77.No smoking 
78.Never be alcoholic in life..
79.Don’t take anything for granted..
80.Avoid being in the company of negative people..Just Ignore. 
81.Respect other people’s viewpoint, opinion and differences..
82..keep track of your expenditure.
83. Write a journal
84.Do the gardening..
85. Do the prayers.  Chant the mantras.. Recite”OM”, the most powerful word in the universe..
86.. Be social
87.Don’t have regrets in your life.
88..Be curious to know about the secret of this Universe..
89.. Don’t waste your time.. Be productive and creative most of the time..
90.. Know the anger management technique to apply it in your life when needed.
91.Its  ok to be sad sometimes because people’s mood changes.. Don’t panic if you are sad  sometimes, provided you are not having sadness for prolonged period otherwise it will be a depression.. Seek help with the counsellor if you think you are depressed..
92. Do the yoga.. Do the sun salutations..
93.. Nurture your relationships.. Spend time with your family..
94..love your parents.. Love your kids.. Love your partner..
95..Make a note of things you need to do everyday..
96.. Always believe in that supreme power”God”..Ask for his blessings all the time and never forget to thank him for giving you this life and everything..
97..Constantly working on improving yourself everyday physically, mentally and intellectually..
98..Be happy everyday when you wake up for having  one more day to start everything all over..
99.. Cherish your life as a human being, cherish each and every moment.. Grab the opportunity when it comes to you.. Don’t let it go..
100..Try to live your life applying all of these principles and notice how it changes everything for good:) all the best for your new venture.. Let peace prevail everywhere…Pranam to our swamiji and seek for his blessings everyday in our life.. thankyou swamiji for being there always with us. 

Photo Source:Pixabay