I had multiple friends telling me to keep up the commitment, the scale doesn’t move first 3 months at all, since there are a lot of internal changes and cleansing happening, so I need to be patient.. that gave me some confidence and I kept at it and continued.

My weight loss actually started on the April 4th, 2021.  Every week the weight was going done by atleast ¾ kgs to 1 kg. I lost almost 7 kgs till June 22nd, 2021 then the weight got stuck there for almost a month.  I had to do something different for me to move the scale again.  I started going for a walk. First it started with 30 mins walk which went on to 60 mins walk, it moved to 10K steps. It was a complete lock down then, so we had nothing to do at home, so started walking in the evening also for 60 mins, which became around 17K steps a day. 

Almost for a month I was doing roughly 14-15 kms a day.  From no walk at all to 15 kms a day was a major achievement for me. But then came the natural calamity, where both me and my husband started losing people for second wave, and it was absolutely not easy to keep up with any of my commitment to self.. but I went about it with even more rigor, I started walking 15 kms at 1 stretch in the morning itself, which was one of the biggest achievements for me, since I had not done that in my life.

I have to share here one of the biggest challenge for my Intermittent Fasting schedule is the Nirjal Ekadashi & Sakashti Chaturthi fasting I have been doing for last 10 years. I was very worried that I won’t be able to keep it. Somehow since it was a divine instruction that I was following, I could kind of handle these things also on the go.

Again, I was stuck at 86.5 Kgs for 2 months and I was getting very demotivated.  So, I started weight training alongwith my walks, which was another revelation for me.  With intermittent fasting weight training is supposed to be very effective.  The quality of my lifts, my recovery time and my food habits, everything fell in place quickly with amazing amount of energy and We went to Thiruvanamalai for a trip.  The Girivalam there is a 15 kms walk around the hill which I did alongwith my family without any hassle at all.  Again this gave me further motivation that I have really progressed in my “Weight Loss” journey

Then came a very interesting breaking point.  I went on a trek to Nandi Hills which is 2000 steps trekking trail takes around 90 mins for a beginner.  This was the biggest discovery in my Weight Loss journey.  The day when we decided to go on a trek, I was on water fasting because it was Ekadashi and we started walking on Dwadashi day at 6 am, finished it in record time and came back and my meal was after 36 hours of water fasting.  I did feel a bit tired, but I had my lunch and spent my rest of the day in office without any aches or complains from my body. (tobe continued)

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