11th may - a blessed day 🙏😍 2सहस्रशीर्षा पुरुषः सहस्राक्षः सहस्रपात् ।
स भूमिं विश्वतो वृत्वात्यतिष्ठद्दशाङुलम् ॥

Today is the most auspicious and blessed day that can not be expressed in words. The day Swami ji had vision of Lord Narayan; Chakradhari Darshan (A beautiful name of Lord Narayan meaning the one who holds a discus in his divine hand)

11th may - a blessed day 🙏😍 3To celebrate this day, I felt that chanting bhagwaan’s name will be the best thing, not seeking this and that for this particular session but just in gratitude for his presence because he knows what we need and seek even before a needy situation arrives. 

Would be chanting this beautiful mantra:

||ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय||

||Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaye||

In case you want to join, you are most welcome, just for five minutes between 11th May midnight to 12th May midnight – 24 hour window. 

Sharing with you a little conversation that I had multiple times with Sri Hari. This is all I got to offer, a blabber! 🙁 .

Frankly, I even feel shy of my greed to see Bhagwaan. But there is renewed sense of silent resolve that I have not even taken but it has instilled like drops of rain soak themselves on dry land, sprouting a seed. It’s not the aim that matters it’s in fact the communion one arrives at in the process. 🙂 🤩😍🤩🌷

I pray to Swami ji that may He (please) bless each one of us, on this auspicious, beautiful and blessed day. Words fall short to express the gratitude. This is the day when Swami ji had सक्षत्कार sakshatkaar (meeting) of his Ishta; His aaradhya, the one He prays to. It brings a tender feeling and state to one’s whole being. 

Without future ado… 


Dear Lord Narayan,

Why is it that everyday one has your darshan and still feel inadequate. Eyes are filled but still dry? Thirst to see and greet the eyes with your form and intangible essence remains.

To an extent that the words of scholarly exposition and even the praise that wrap entire beauty of the three world feels puny and little, so insufficient.

A beauty that only silence can contain, a beauty that has no expression, my lord.. Oh Narayan..🙏❤

Oh Pundarikash.. 🙏❤

Oh Madhav.. 🙏❤

Oh Keshav.. 🙏❤

The peace in seeing you has turned into yearning to really see you! To what I owe this phenomenon.

Whose mischief and grace is it?

Peace to yearning…. Mischief for sure!

I see your smile lurking at the end of your lips!!! And those eyes shining with love and mischief!

Yet again and always…! 

The closeness made space of some distance to scale the yearning and the closeness. Weird and silly are your ways! So close I felt to you but not close enough, you mean, so the yearnings scream? 

Another complaint, I see you everyday… So many days and so many times you choose to use the colours of the flowers and the vastram to divert attention from your most beautiful face. A trick it is for sure!!!

The face, your face that’s home to many souls! You don’t show your face even in the picture’s daily darshan!!!! You know what your presence do to the mere air and lights around you?

The focus light flow down your face like honey pours down unable to make a holding on that lovely space of your face! The air crackle with ecstatic shiver and stays for loving embrace!

But why is your face does not show all the fine details? The eyes zoom out deep but the pixel comes in between. This is no high-tech joke. Eyes just seek to see and absorb the divine face and it’s gleam in/with fine details!

11th may - a blessed day 🙏😍 4

No kidding, you do show your face in all glory but with a little white mole! Tell me what will it take…

11th may - a blessed day 🙏😍 5

Just guide me for that live face near and close like one’s own life! As breath or the life force flowing through my bones.

See how beautiful is this pic but so blur. You know what clarity I mean! Rest you know that words can’t speak!!!!

Oh Bhagwaan… You know the rest…
For the one who converse in silence with you these many words are more than enough.

P. S. If anyone from the ashram is reading this and sends us the daily darshan. Every darshan is treasured. The complaint for blur in the pic is just an excuse for a lovely conversation with bhagwaan!

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Pardon me, that I even thought to write this post but always immense Gratitude 👣🙇‍♀️ 🙏🌷