12 hours left….

Exams for engineers are one night work…

I did the same.
Today was my exam a toughest one. As we had online classes so I attended few of them… I didn’t know anything about the subject… Truth to be told I didn’t read for the whole semester and in our mid semester exams I got very less marks (less than 50%). It was difficult for me to pass this subject.
My friend was in the same condition…
We contacted toppers of our class as they were busy in studying but still they agreed to teach us after our dinner. So we read the syllabus and consulted previous year question papers. We examining the pattern of exam and started solving problems as of now we didn’t had time to learn the concept. Till 1 am we read and now we know the syllabus of subject guess what our exam was just 13 hours away.
We slept at 2 am and woke up at 7 am. Alarm was set for 5 am but my body didn’t reacted to that. After 7 am I started preparing for exam and the pressure was unbearable but still I managed to stay calm and study. I had mu breakfast only and skipped the lunch. At 2 pm I was ready to give my exam. Guess what? When I got my question paper I was able to attempt 43 marks out of 50…
Finally the fear of getting a F grade is over.

  • Lessons from this…
  • Don’t study before exam study consistently for whole semester.
  • You should keep a good relationship with your friends.
  • And just be ready for any situation.

So here today is Christmas Eve but for me it’s shifting eve. I’m shifting to my new Hostel.
It was hard for me to write today but as I’m committed to #TheWriteChoice so I did it.
Jai Shri Hari

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