I offer my obeisance to you Rev. Sri. Om Swamiji🙏🕉

Let today be different and full of smiles 😊🕊Speaking of Love is a subject, that I could go on and on. My previous posts have been a blend of various experiences but feels good that they were never short of love❤️ for that’s what is in my genes undoubtedly and so proud of it . Genes of my loving and adorable Parents.

A couple truly and  deeply in love. I have seen my father doting on my Mom so much so,  that he would do anything for her that would delight her . The extreme of his love I witnessed when he was flying from Calcutta to Bangalore , ( year mid 70’s) so he carried a huge bouquet of fresh aromatic flowers from Calcutta itself to surprise her. It was massive. Mom as usual in her best attire was super excited to receive him and had arranged a gala welcome for him ( she would do that all the time, as if she would be meeting him for the first time) to doing up the house well and to cooking his fav meal . They hugged each other, and then he offered her the flowers grandly like a perfect gentleman . Mom was so happy to receive them and then she further handed it gracefully to our chef instructing him to cook it well . Cook?? Yes, fresh mustard plants with equally  fresh yellow flowers popping out of them ( sarson saag) and Mom was a die hard fan of Sarson Saag which was not available in Bangalore and she had craved long for it (like a true Punjabi).

That’s what Pa was made of , never bothered what the world would feel or say. Came to know later that even the flight attendants were zapped to see him carrying Sarson flowers 😊

My Mom’s love for him would be extreme too. She would pray for him endlessly throughout the day. Even if he would be a few minutes late, she would stand and keep looking out of the window constantly praying for his well being. And the moment she would hear the sound of his bike ( he would beep it 4-5 times purposely) and see him getting off his bike , she would wave at him and he too would reciprocate in the same manner. It’s as if she would get her heart beats back. I like a sweet child ( was around 8-9 years) quietly used to imbibe their mannerisms and feel. It was such a joy! Their bond and togetherness with immense understanding and trust made me believe in true love.

Once while she was setting her cupboard, accidentally a notebook fell down from the shelf and I picked it up and started to turn its pages. Seeing my eagerness she  mentioned it was diary that had poetry and shayari ( couplets) written by both her and Pa to each other. “You are too young too understand what’s written in it”.  But I found it very flowy and it was the first time I got to know that normal words can be created so softly. Finding me getting more interested in that kind of poetry ( which was full of expressing love), She said,” we always exchanged words in writing and forwarded and exchanged it to each other through some close friends, as during their time their were lot of restrictions to interact personally. Though Pappaji was smart enough to become her neighbor laters and get close to her family. Which eventually did work for them and they got happily married .

I managed to copy some shayari ( poetry, couplets) from her diary when I was in my high school and since I have shared much on the OS family platform, would be a privilege to share one of their sweet moments here ( it’s translated in English too). Not too sure of the author as it did not carry any name though both of them were great in poetry and since  it’s Valentine ( though pure love does not have a fixed day, it always is special each day) just to make many smiles wider😊 enjoy the 50’s expression. Such was His Supreme Grace, for Mom would always pray that whenever her end comes it should be before her husband . Though their demise came together but yes true to her pure intent and love she left an hour before him. I do feel that True Love is something that one cannot explain in words it only flows naturally , a flow that carries with it immense strength of understanding and warmth of a magical touch. 

The picture above is of their wedding card which is almost 60 years old, their wedding took  place in the year 1960.

 The ideal Couple😊

Excerpts from the diary of my Parents :

From Mom to Pa..

इज़हारे मुहब्बत

मोहब्बत की बाजी वह हर बार जीते

मगर मुझको है हार जाने की आदत

खुदाया मेरी उम्र भी उनको दे दे

जिन्हें है हमें को मिटाने की आदत

वह अक्सर यही जानकर रूठते हैं

हमें जो है उन्हें मनाने की आदत

है उनको भी हमसे मोहब्बत कुछ कुछ

मगर उनको है कुछ सताने की आदत

फसाना मोहब्बत का मैं कह तो देती।

नहीं उनको सुनने सुनाने की आदत।


He won the game of love every time.

But I have a habit of losing in it

May God grant my life and years to him also.

who has the habit of erasing me

He habitually likes to get upset knowingly.

For he knows I would  persuade and be able to convince him

I know he also has sweet love within for me

But has  a habit of giving some agony to   me

I would have admitted my love for him

But he purposely shows no habit to listen or even address me


From Pa to Mom:

दिल दे दिया है उनको देखें वह क्या करेंगे

रखते हैं दिल को दिल में या के जुदा करेंगे

कर बेवफा खुशी से दिन-रात बेवफाई

हम हैं वफा के आदि हरदम वफा करेंगे

दिलो जिगर तो रहमत पहले ही दे चुके हैं

एक जान बच गई है वह भी फ़िदा करेंगे

I have given my Heart to thee in all Grace

will see what  she will do,

will she keep my heart in her heart

or separate it  from my heart …

O my beloved’ even if you feel happy to tax me day and night of remaining unfaithful

I for I only believe in loyalty  and shall forever always remain loyal to you 

My heart and soul is already at your sweet mercy

And  my entire life forever is now a loving oblation to you


A sweet bow down to the most loving couple. Mom and Pa this one is for you two from me ❤️❤️( I am a decent writer too friends☺️) 

प्यार अगर गुनाह है तो यह गुनाह हर बार करा करें हम

खुदाया अपने प्रियतम से हर जन्म में मिला करें हम

If love is a crime, then let us together do this crime every time,

so that we always meet as  beloved in every birth and lifetime🙏🏻

Love you loads stay Blessed and hand in hand keep smiling 💕


May each one of you be equally Blessed with this Divinity 🦢🌾Keep carrying and expressing love for  your beloved and most of all love for the Divine.

Jai Sri Hari🙏🕉

Siddhika Umesh