Welcome to

Confessions of a Merry Monk! 

Thank you for giving up your time and bringing yourself to this series of posts where I shall be sharing with you my journey of this life: my many mistakes and subsequent learnings, and the story of coming Home to my revered Guru, Father, Mother, Brother — Om Swami ji.

Above all, in the words of my Guru ji, I shall be writing nothing other than the unalloyed truth. I’m a little bit scared to put it all out there but I know it will be okay! 

In some places it will be dark, and in others (hopefully!) hopeful. If you’re affected by some of the darker parts of my life that I may write about, please refresh your mind by taking a look at the picture at the top of the posts in this series (the amazing artwork is courtesy of our very own, Sushree Svadha ji. I’m very grateful to her). 

That smiling, laughing monk is the product of some hope and faith, a little hard work, a lot of stubbornness, amazingly some divine grace in the form of Om Swami ji, and the power of transformation.

Yes, that’s exactly what I look like… most of the time now! Anyone can do it; stay on this path long enough and we all turn into merry caricatures who don’t take life too seriously and find something to smile from ear to ear about every day 😊

Before you read on, if you haven’t already, I would recommend that you read Episode 1 – Introduction. I’ve updated the title on it now that we’ve got one thanks to all of you who made so many wonderful suggestions! 

As this post might become a little long with the prologue included in it, I’ll post it separately. 

I also wanted to say I am very aware that because I am a Sushree and one of Swami ji’s resident disciples that I do get a lot more interaction on my posts than if I were not. I am not a writer, definitely not a good one, and there are many of you who are so talented and have worked hard on this craft for years, I am in awe. I just hope that my writings are worthy of Swami ji’s name and the initiation He has given me, and that they make a bit of a difference to someone. 

And thank you all for your kindness. Your support via Support This Author means so much — each time I see a contribution, it leaves me speechless and teary-eyed; I look at Swami ji’s photo and ask Why? I don’t feel like I deserve it, I am so, so grateful.

Thank you also for your words of love and encouragement. I cannot express what it means. I will be ever grateful to this incredible OS family. 

As I say often, I don’t know what I’ve done to have so much beauty in my life!… But I ain’t complainin’! 😄

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