Another year, another story and the journey continues. 2021 has been strange since covid was still in the driving seat and life has been a bit different. Nonetheless, there is so much to be grateful for—good health, family and friends, and the Almighty. 

Start of 2021, me and my partner were in Philadelphia US, unsure of where we would move since we were looking to find jobs in the same city. Very surprisingly, we ended up in San Francisco and it just seems to be a blessing, looking back. The warm weather, closeness to hills, ocean, mountains and beautiful landscape, has been a breath of fresh air. Feels like the change has helped me as I continue to progress and evolve my consciousness. 

It’s kind of an incredible feeling when you are able to look back and see how things that seemed to be not going our way, turn out to be blessings in disguise. At the same time not everything changes, it’s not like I am meditating longer or eating less sugary stuff—some things are just rooted deeper and require more for change to manifest. At the moment, I am calling it patience. 

One thing I have had to really work on is bringing in more playfulness in my living, also one of my favourite words of divine mother—Lalitha, the joyful or playful mother. Sometimes all it took was turning off the phone and laptop, no distractions and it helps a great deal to see the world in a more joyful and playful manner. 

I plan to spend the next few days reflecting, usually the focus is on resolutions but I would argue reflecting is more powerful and beneficial than just setting new resolutions. Time to take that journal out and start scribbling. 

Unsure of the original author but might be Robin Sharma who said, “Is it the life in your years or the years in your life that count?”