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(As everything I write is true, names have been changed to protect identities.)


The Honeymoon

Maanav and I honeymooned on the tropical-dream Island of Mauritius. It was idyllic except for the fact that I was still sick all the time and although there were lavish spreads at all three of the 5-star resorts that we stayed at, I still couldn’t eat very much of it; but it didn’t matter, we were Just Married!, young and in love, and in absolute paradise. We enjoyed the beaches and the golf courses. I loved playing golf and I was good at it.

Maanav had introduced me to the game when we’d first met. We’d go to the driving range with his friends and he’d taught me to perfect my swing and play the short courses around London. I enjoyed it so much that during the week while Maanav was at work, I’d take a bus to the range, rent clubs for the afternoon and practice alone. And so, our honeymoon was spent at some of the most stunning and luxurious beach resorts and golf courses in the world. I’d never experienced a trip like this in my life, it was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

When we came back however, the dream began to dissipate. We had a beautiful baby on the way but the foundation of our marriage had already been cracked, and I, nor anybody else seemed to realise it had been brewing all along, or what to do about it. 

To be continued… 


To my dear OS family,

This short, honeymoon snippet brings Season 2 of Confessions of a Merry Monk to a close. I’ll be taking a little hiatus with the series and shall return some time in the near future with Season 3.

I know it’s been a difficult time for many of you. Many have lost loved ones and have experienced suffering like you never thought possible in this lifetime. I do understand deep suffering and loss, and I know that in the depths of such suffering is the potential for absolute wisdom, peace and surrender. For, how can one truly embrace the Light without emerging from the darkness.

When we’re on our knees and holding our arms out, crying out from the depths of our being to a higher power, something bigger than ourselves, the Universe listens.

If we can let go of all resistance and find acceptance in our circumstances, no matter how painful they are, the Universe answers.

It’s only when we are very still and very quiet that we can hear it. When the mind is full of agitation and pleading, it cannot get through. 

Take a moment, even if you just have a minute or two, sit with your pain, breathe through it and let it go, out to the Universe if you’re comfortable with that, or mentally lay it at the feet of your deity if you believe in a form of God. (You can pick it up again later if you really want to, such is the nature of the human mind 🙂 But for now send it off and sit silently with yourself.) Listen to the birds, or gently focus on your breath or heartbeat. Take a few deep breaths and feel your body relax a bit more with each one. 

This is the quietude the mind needs in order to hear what the Universe is saying, to hear what your deity has to share with you, to feel an indescribable, warm, comforting blanket of peace; peace that is always there, under the noise. 

It might not happen overnight, but with practice that peace will descend and stay with you, the chatter of the mind will die down and the Universe will be able to tell you what you need to know. All you have to do is listen quietly. 

My heart goes out to everyone affected by the virus. May we all walk towards acceptance and peace. And when the wheel of Nature turns again, which it will, it always does, may it be more glorious than ever.

I’d also like to thank those who have contributed to Support The Author in the past few months. Due to a technical error I’m unable to see the names so I apologise I cannot thank you individually. This is  my main source of income, it helps me to do more for others too and that makes me really happy. 

I’m so very grateful for this community whose every loving and supportive comment melts me and gives me strength and a reason to continue on this Merry Monk journey. You don’t know how much I have learned and how many tears I have shed reading your posts where you have shared your innermost with us, and when reading your amazing comments for me and for each other. 

May God continue to bless you. Keep spreading love and kindness, nothing else matters. 

My obeisance at the feet of my revered Guru, Om Swami ji. The next few episodes will be tough to write. Swami ji, I pray You continue to hold my hand while I face it all again. I don’t know how to breathe without You, let alone do this. 

Until next time 🙏🏻

With His Grace, 

Sushree Diya 


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