On turning twenty-two, I am sharing 22 things that I learned and think of as very important. 
  1. We all have an emotional blindspot when it comes to personal problems. So the key to good decision making is to view it from a third person perspective
  2. A book can be a friend, a mentor, a drug, a parent all at the same time
  3. Love, when done without conditions and expectations is always liberating (we all have seen our mothers do it, may be we can give it a try ourselves πŸ™‚ )
  4. There is no satisfaction more than when you feed a hungry stomach. Whenever I am feeling down, I take some time to myself, go out and feed the poor. Their blessings and smile make me feel worthwhile
  5. It’s very important to have a hobby that we enjoy alone otherwise we’ll always depend on someone else for happiness
  6. Most people (especially below 25 years of age) are not toxic. They are just childlike and immature
  7. If a creep tries to make you uncomfortable, don’t keep quiet
  8. Everyday, try your best to be a little better than yesterday. Over the year, you’ll see a lot of positive changes in you!
  9. Financial literacy is as important as financial independence
  10. A workout is more than just exercise, it brings discipline, determination and stability into the life
  11. Struggling for your dreams is much better than settling for a lesser reality 
  12. We always seem to be bothered by things that other people say and do, but remember that your mind is not a dustbin to dump every opinion in it.
  13. Sometimes hardwork doesn’t bring the expected results, but it does not mean that it is wasted away, just identify the gaps and move forward with even greater determination
  14. Don’t be cruel to yourself, there is a whole world out there to do that for you! You should always be your biggest inspiration! 
  15. Be careful of the words you use. Even a single misplaced word is enough to hurt others
  16. Always spend some time in solitude, your brain and soul need it
  17. Our Upanishads are gems. Don’t miss out on that wisdom
  18. Meditative state comes naturally after a little practice, and it’s better than any therapy session
  19. Devotion and love are the two strongest of emotions, invest them wisely
  20. It’s never too late to learn anything new. I always keep learning new things, it makes me feel alive
  21. The more compassionate and kind you are, the more peaceful and happy you’ll be. 
  22.  Don’t pressure yourself to be happy all the time, sometimes it’s okay to not be okay πŸ™‚
  23. Bonus point β€” Breathe. smile. let go πŸ˜›