We all have different definitions for love. Some consider it beautiful, while some think it’s painful. Some people think it’s complex while some think it’s simple. Lets pause a moment, close our eyes and think what it is for us.

Life is a game of love where we hide ourselves until we find the true one. It’s not just finding the true one, it’s how we plan to keep it alive, how we deal with it and how we cross the hurdles together. You need not love someone with all your might, you need to love someone with all your heart.

3 mistakes that hamper you when you walk on the beautiful road to reach the destination of love : When you take them for granted, when you don’t appreciate them when needed and when you don’t give enough attention.

It’s strange how they’re connected to each other. When you take them for granted, you will not be able to give enough attention needed and when you don’t give attention, how’s it even possible to appreciate them? Question yourself!

Love is a mixture of profound feelings and innocent thoughts. Cling to them and let them know you’re never going to leave them no matter what. Express your strong feelings within the depths of your heart. If you love them truly, you need not think how to do it, your emotions and feelings pour out impulsively.

Insist on being with them all the time, when they’re sad or when they’re happy. It’s not when you have control on their happiness, it’s when you control their tears, it’s when you eliminate their fears and show them how best they are. It’s when they feel like they’re the king/queen in your palace of heart, it’s when they feel they’re the richest since they found true love in you.

If you take them for granted when they’re showing so much love, you’re losing a part of yourself that can never be healed. You’ll only realise the pain when you get the taste of your own medicine.

Appreciation and attention are the most important keys to unlock your relationship. They strengthen your bond in a way you never thought. Make your partner drown in the potion of your love. Show them how you value them, let them know what they mean to you. This is the sign you’re making your relationship a healthy one.

Love, until it becomes your habit, a habit that makes you feel vibrant and lively everyday!

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