My  Sweetheart,

I am sure you are the happiest where ever you are…!

It makes 3 months today without you, it seems surreal …!

I keep on reading your last msg before you were called back to our real home….!

The msg says: You know Sunu, our love is not just worldly love, it’s beyond that…Our souls are connected, you are a Part of me.., and though I believe we live only once, but if the theory of reincarnation is correct, We will find each other in evey life time…So don’t worry!😊❤️❤️❤️❤️ See you soon, Call when free. Much love.

I called you but your no was busy and after that there was no opportunity…You are not reachable for ever…!!!!

I just want to let you know that I am trying to gather courage & collecting my self bit by bit to face this big bad world …!!!

Our wine bottles are there untouched, I have lost my interest in that…That closet is tightly closed and I do not have that courage to open it…!

Grief is a very long and lonely path, & I have to travel it all alone with you in my heart…!

Every beautiful thing reminds me of you..Your class…,the life is not the same as it was with you, but your memories are my solace, the songs you love ,I play them and sing them as well..!

You live in me.. I miss you and I will always keep you in my heart till my last breath.

And don’t worry..Now I smile as  once you said I look ugly when I don’t…I don’t want to disappoint you..

I am a Brave Girl ( Though not a Girl) will face this Big bad world with Courage and Smile….! And as you used to say ” Life is a Celebration of being Alive”..! I will live & will celebrate ..!!! 

Please be at Peace till I meet you and torture you again!😊😊😊😊

I love you.❤️❤️❤️❤️






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