I first offer my obeisances to Swamiji. I’m deeply grateful to him and the wonderful team because of which I am able to have this platform,the YouTube and the black lotus content. What you people are doing is beyond words and I’m incapable of expressing gratitude for that in a post. Thank you so much!🙏

I’ll be sharing 2 different posts for those 3 different things which helped me stay more positive and happy. The more positive you are, higher the vibrations you create and attract the same ( Law of vibration). So coming straight to the first one which is…

1)Gratitude journalling
So Mother Nature has added a weird feature in our brains. If you believe in something that is all you will see, its a filter you create. That is the reason why some people always find faults and some see the good in the unfavorable too. An amazing fact! we can use this feature to our benefit and trick our brains because it’s just like an intelligent baby. Its easy to take advantage of it as Swamiji says, “mann baalak ki bhaanti hota hai”.

How to do gratitude journaling
1)Sit in a quite place. You can do heavy breathing to calm the mind.

2)Put your earphones on and play a calming music, you can go on YouTube and search for relaxing music (that’s what I do) and find the one that you like the most. It will make your brain feel as if you’re happy (Science!).

3)Take a new book or diary  and start writing all good things you like about yourself, good things you saw today and all the things you’re grateful for.

It might be difficult at first, I’ve done a post on gratitude and it will surely help you, you can click here. I do gratitude journaling everyday before i go to bed and whenever I’m free. It later becomes a habit. Write anything that comes to your mind… anything! The trick with this is don’t stop writing ,don’t let your logical mind activate and interfere. Write anything and everything in detail so you go deeper and deeper in it and see how one thing leads to another.

For eg. I am so grateful to my RadheKrishna Bhagwaan today…I’ve been eating all kinds of things but my body still keeps me alive and my skin didn’t breakout. I was so stressed about the 3 assignments that I was supposed to submit tomorrow but somehow the schedule changed and now we can submit the work till thursday. My mom always makes food for me and understands that I have an overwhelming schedule. I just saw a cute video on YouTube where a man rescued a cat, the world is full of beautiful souls. I am so happy I found my stuff I lost a few months ago.

Write whatever is good about your life and can be appreciated even if its silly. Try to find good things that happened throughout the day. Remember the divine is always within us, listening to us, protecting us. Even if something bad happened, appreciate it because it taught you something and it could’ve been worse. Appreciate the fact that you, your family, your friends are all alive and healthy because health/life doesn’t come with a guarantee card. But what I can say for sure is all of us are God’s children. The good and the bad times are like seasons we can still be grateful to him irrespective of anything that’s happening around us. God is cool okay… he’s got your back!

Sorry for a long post. I’m so grateful you gave your precious time. I hope it helps you like it helped me. I’m referring God as ‘him’ only because its convenient. You will soon know the other two things that changed my life in the part 2.

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May you wake up with a million reasons to be grateful each day.



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