Hey beautiful souls, it’s dinner time and here I am with the second part, the two other things that changed my life.


Sorry! I’m starving actually…

 Guided Meditations :

If you’re someone like me who concentrates better while listening to someone’s voice then this might work for you! From visualising success to astral travel, internet has all.

 Affirmations :

“Our mind is connected to the universal mind.”, said Swami Vivekananda in one of his lectures. We create thoughts and so our reality. We are vibrational beings interacting with different vibrations within multiverse.

Pouring some more scientific soup into your bowl let me tell you everything is energy and has a frequency range unit Hz. A human can only hear sound within the frequency range of about 20 to 20,000 Hz. There are other kinds of sounds around us but we cannot access that frequency range. Different insects,animals, access different frequency range which means they can see,feel,hear things that we cannot.

Ever wondered when one thing goes wrong  you just can’t seem to catch a break. However once you start being grateful towards everything you’ll notice that your mind automatically finds more things to be grateful for. That’s how belief system work.

Our brain is excellent at convincing us, what we believe is true. Positive thoughts are directly proportional to positive vibrations.

Here are some affirmations I personally like.

I offer my thoughts, emotions, arguments and complements, resentments and anxieties to the lotus feet of Krishna and release all negativity.

I am way more powerful than mischiefs of the mind.

I surrender with peace and ease.

My faith is my fortune.

I am neither this mind nor this body.

I am a part and parcel of Shri Krishna.

He is everything.

I see him in everything.

He is everywhere.

I see him , feel him everywhere.

He is the ocean of love.

I am love.

He is compassion.

I am compassionate.

He is indiscriminate.

I am indiscriminate.

Nothing can defeat him.

Nothing can disturb me, defeat me.

He is all powerful.

I am powerful.

He is fearless.

I am fearless.

He is strength,intelligence, confidence.

I am strong, intelligent, confident.

He is pure and uncontaminated.

I am pure and uncontaminated.

He is kindness.

I am kind.

He is forgiving

I am forgiving

He is beyond anger,lust,ego.

I am free from anger , lust ,ego.

He is peace.

I am peaceful.

He is beyond Maya.

I am free from Maya.

He is beyond karma and results.

I am detached from karma and results.

He is liberation.

I am liberated.

He is absolute.

I am absolute.

He is determination.

I am determined.

He is eternal.

I am eternal.

All Beautiful energies awaken within me just by chanting his divine name.

My mind , body , my soul is bursting with ecstasy, Love , bliss and happiness just by chanting his name.

He is the creator.

I am creator of my own wonderful destiny.

He is the protector.

I am protected I am safe.

He is happiness.

I am happy.

He is the creator , sustainer, destroyer.

He resides within me.

He is the Divine One.

I am one with him.

If his abode is vaikuntha.

Then I shall make my mind vaikuntha.

This is like a snack you can have before sleeping or whenever you crave. A good emotional and spiritual diet is very important.

Live, love.


( Hash!! Ban gayi roti! You guys are also invited!♥️)

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