Last 2 weeks and 3 acquaintances have approached me to take suggestions or may be to confess what our conditioned mind prohibits in the society  A woman having physical desires outside marriage or being unmarried or separated having physical association with someone  is termed  as a Cheap ,easily available and Character less woman.As much I have talked to females who r in similar situations and still have those physical fantasies also consider themselves very low in Spirituality and at times as sinners obsessed by bodily pleasures.Last 2 weeks a Doctor who is married with a 2 year old daughter but likes the pharmacist of her hospital more than her husband, A teacher who is unmarried but is in intimate relationship with a married Principal of her school and an entrepreneur who is Divorced but has started developing strong physical attraction for her 30 year old class mate ,admitted at different times to me that they feel ashamed that their bodily desires are much above right/ wrong , moral/ immoral.What should they do? All 3 know what they are doing is not correct according to society norms or dharram ki Kitab and can never publicly or even in front of their parents or kids admit of their secret life style! All men involved in these 3 cases r very happily satisfied married men who I see as a witness don’t want to miss an opportunity of a free rendezvous! I discussed with a freind that what should I suggest these 3 ladies? What she said was if it’s with detachment and just for need satisfaction let them go ahead but tell them all fun comes with consequences of karma! What do you suggest me family to tell these women?

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