Happy Birth Day My Dearest Swamiji.  No matter how hard I think I am not able to find words for You.I have a lot to tell you yet I have nothing to tell.I am empty. What can i say  to GOD,What can i say to the Divine one and what can i say to Mother Divine?you are all in One and all are in YOU. I wonder what good karma i have done in life that i found you and you found me and accepted me .I am missing You very much today.I wish i could be there with You and watch YOUR smiling face when they will all be singing Your glory and wishing You Happy Birthday.I wish i could see it. My words can not fill the vacuum .And actually there is no word for You.You are so vast,vast than this Universe.You are so bright like the Sun…I can only stay at Your feet ..

                                                                                                     Thank you for deciding to come to this world for us. Thank you for being so compassionate that we mortals can be healed. Thank  you for holding our hands and lead us to truth,light, grace,blessings and purity.Thank you for transforming us .Without you i wonder what would happen to us? Your constant grace and blessings to us is like nectar. I know You are a form of God. You are taking so much pain for us,day and night you are working for us and in return what can we give you?We mere humans ,full of follies what can we give you Prabhu ji?Please take care of Yourself. Please.  We are nothing without You.we love YOU. We are lost without You.Once again many many happy returns of the divine day.Happy Birth Day.Happy Birth day Mother,Happy  Birth day Sri Hari Bhagwan.