Finally, we are on the last day of the year, How 2020 passed was eventually either very difficult to express or may be in true words we have survived in the best possible way in 2020.

I am writing this blog to make this year a memory which gave me many lessons for my entire life. Some were really sweet though most out of these lessons were hard to be learnt.

I am sure everyone has their own experiences with this year because this year taught us to be strong and taught us to just keep doing one thing…..BREATHING….and I have learnt in this year, that no matter what….. just keep breathing and this time too shall pass….If this is the happy time, enjoy it….if this is the sad time… will get through it…

You are happy…Breathe and Enjoy

You are tired…..Breathe and Take Rest

You are sad….Breathe and Pray

You are anxious….Breathe and Worship

You are emotional….Breathe and Control your mind to not be vulnerable

I am sure 2020 has been a drastic year in many ways although it taught to be safe at our own space, take care of the most important thing in the world i.e Ourselves. As a human, we are just so lazy in taking care of the things that should matter to us most. I think God had this wonderful way to teach us that anything can happen if he wishes to do something…He locked humans inside for a long period of time so that nature can blossom.

With each challenge, God gave us the opportunity to preserve, learn and grow into stronger, more compassionate and more grateful human beings. Work hard, push yourselves to the limits and work for togetherness.

Find happiness in small things, well as someone truly said you need darkness in order for there to be light and so everything was shut, cancelled and taken away from us has sparked the joy of small, happy moments. A still moment of respite found drinking coffee in a sunny window….these are the moments we truly preserved In 2020.

Actions matter more than words, No matter what people around you shows that they love you so much if they don’t show this on their actions than its just words and nothing is meaningful and rather don’t fall for the trap.

Difficult times reveal the truth, no matter how much people love you, if they are not standing in a difficult time with you, not supporting you, Don’t care about your opinion or feelings than learn to stand alone and move ahead and become your own shield as if no one is standing by your side.

Slow Down-2020 definitely taught me to slow down my pace of life and praise the blessings that I have with me. This year taught me to not regret for what I don’t have and rather carry a thankful gesture for what I have. Slowing down myself made me more compassionate and loving towards my people and loving them with all my attention.

Be You- UNAPOLOGETICALLY-Well it may seem difficult and reading this post will definitely make you think that what is wrong with me ….I am being me. Well believe me..we are what others think we should be….we are not what we want to be in our life…We kept on pacing ourselves in pleasing others wherein we completely forget that what we really think….what really matters to us…..and we end up thinking that because people around us don’t understand or like my way of living then I should not live that way…and this is where we lack, I think the most important thing of loving someone is understanding that those who love you will eventually love you every way….if they pinpoint or doesn’t understand you, you better understand its not love…..Because love never complaints and it never demands also….it just gets what the other person is comfortable in….

So BE YOU … matter what.

This year I learnt to be me…to enjoy life fully… complain less and be thankful for my blessings….Because I realized its better to live my life imperfectly than to pretend something that I am not and can never be

On this last day of the year, I thank my sister to encourage me to do blogging, my mother for loving me a little extra as I hide my vulnerability, my children, to keep loving me even I was not able to prove myself as a good mom.

At last a big thanks to those who didn’t understand my true loving intentions and for hating me from the core of their heart and teaching me that I can stand on my feet and can’t fall apart.

Thank you for all the lessons and all the love 2020……

Wish all a very prosperous new year 2021….Discover your own truth and keep chanting the name of almighty.


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