Soon, the olden golden washing machine evaporated the financial crisis in his life like the camphor exposed to air. By selling the best quality eggs at the cheapest price; in the town, he became famous as ‘Egg Guy’. He repaid his loans and constructed one study room for his son. One sunny afternoon, while cleaning the tub, the soap slipped from his hands as he lifted the egg to clean that emboss point. Soap hit 3D conversion switch. What a coincidence! To his little surprise, now soap cakes were produced in spite of eggs. On the sufficient production of soap cakes required for the whole year even if they used them liberally. Now the town better knew him as ‘Soap Guy’!

Soon he was bored of soap business, a saturation point came when he couldn’t make more money whereas he yearned for more and more. To find out the technique to produce the 3D photocopy of the desired object, he passed the egg on the same path on which it had fallen some days back, followed by soap which fell from his hands accidently. He repeated it uncountable times till he got the correct time calculation between the removing and placing of the object in order to change the previous object with a new one to be photocopied. Doing this for long hours, bending at stretch into the washing machine without any break caused severe pain in his lower back although it was forgotten or rather washed away in the wave of happiness of his new discovery.

Earlier in the town he became popular as ‘Egg Guy’ and now he was better known as ‘Soap Guy’. Whenever he was fed up with the business or faced some problem that couldn’t be overcome or noticed a decline in sales, he started a new business by changing the object which resulted in his changed status as ‘Pen Guy’, ‘Chocolate Guy’, ‘Ball Guy’, ‘Tomato Guy’, ‘Spoon Guy’, ‘Lady Finger Guy’, ‘Lipstick Guy’, ‘Bread Guy’, ‘CFL bulb Guy’, ‘Mouse trap Guy’ and so on…….

Although he was making good profits but his greed intensified for more and a little more. Prolonged bending and sitting resulted in dull back aches which he ignored like the dust on the computer screen. His fatigued body needed more rest than what he was actually taking. To make more money might be more than what he required to live a happy life; he yearned to start a business with good profit like selling petrol or wine or something that can fetch really good returns to him. Moreover he was tired of all these businesses with marginal profits. He repeated the same trick with that of egg to produce the replica of petrol, but totally failed. Other liquids like diesel, kerosene oil, milk, fruit juices, soft drinks and even different branded wines he experimented to get the desired outcome but he couldn’t get desired results. 3D photocopying could be done to only solids and not to liquids as in liquids, the molecules had greater freedom of movement and lack the binding force like that of solids which resulted in structural rigidity and resistance to change in volume and shape. These two major essentials for getting a 3D photocopy were missing in liquids.

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