Several years passed even then his daily routine was the same, bending into the tub to collect 3D photocopied objects.  One summery afternoon, he stooped a bit more to pick the object, all of a sudden, he felt piercing pain in his back. He shuddered. A few coins slipped out of his shirt pocket which was bulging due to his profit making. The back pain was so severe that he paid no attention to the chinking of coins. He sat down on the floor of store which was not cleaned since couple of years. ‘Dirt keeps thieves away’ was his motto. Every time his wife wished to clean it, he stopped her by making this or that excuse. The ache was unbearable even then he couldn’t call anybody for help else his richly secret might leaked out. And then thieves or robbers might loot his washing machine which was otherwise worth throwing in the dustbin. To relieve pain he lightly pressed his left palm on his back. With age his eyesight became poor, he glanced the area with blurred vision. He found that instead of getting rid of any item from the store, there were two more additions after his discovery of 3D photocopying – one was used tyre of his son’s bike and other was his busted football. Smartly rather very smartly, he buried his new discovery of 3D photocopy washing machine in one of the silent corners of his heart and didn’t reveal it even to his life partner. He could have become famous overnight with his photo on the cover page of all the leading magazines and newspapers. All the main channels showing exclusive coverage at prime time about him and his washing machine but, surprisingly this was not in his top most fifty desires. His wish was to make more wealth from it and become the richest person of the world. Then if the whole world came to know, he would be delighted.

Moving his left arm, using the full sleeve of shirt, he wiped the sweat drops on his forehead. He could easily afford air conditioners in this dingy dainty store and could work comfortably in hot climate without perspiring. A fan, a table fan at least he could have here. But no he was miser as well as smarter to keep everyone far off. He made a little space by moving the junk aside, lied down and closed his eyes because of pain or fatigue or both. In less than a minute he was fast asleep. 

When he woke up, he felt that pain radiated towards his right arm. Instead of taking proper medication and rest, he returned to his work. He bent down to pick the objects which have fallen accidentally from his pocket. Using his left arm he searched for the coins. Taking out more coins than that which had fallen in, elated not only his mind but soul as well. His body shuddered with a burst of perspiration around his arms, upper lips and groin. He paid no attention to the freshly increased salty wetness on his body. Although a bit irritated he was though in the ecstasy of joy for the production of coins from his magic machine he forget the increasing pain. He realised that he was a big fool who was wasting his time and energy on trying making 3D replica of liquids instead of trying on coins. He kept collecting the coins till all the boxes and utensils were filled. 

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