4.00 am starts are brutal. 

Don’t do it. 

You will get up feeling groggy. 

And, it will remind you of the times when you actually used to go to bed at 4.00 am. [Insert your own late-night escapades here].

And, it will remind you of times when you had to pull an all-nighter for an exam, which at that point, was probably a lost cause. God bless those professors who had to evaluate exams and papers coming from the pen of a sleepless mind. 

And, it will remind you of the India / Australia test series down under when you’d wake up to hear Richie Benaud talk about Sachin Tendulkar. 

And, it will remind you of the comfortable bed and mattress that await you for another few hours of sleep, tempting you to give in. “It’s just 4.00 am. With another 2 hours of sleep, it will still be 6.00 am, and it will still be quite early.”

But if you don’t give in, and take that leap.

That leap from the bed to the washroom, and to the shower.

And then another leap from the shower to the kitchen, and then to the coffee machine.

And the next one from the coffee machine to the elevator, and then to the main streets.

And then the final one from the main streets to your office door.

Pat yourself on the back. In those leaps, you will discover a whole new world. 100% guaranteed.