Moochhe ho to ” Nathulaal” jaisi ho warna naa ho….my favourite child hood scene from movie Namak halaal where on Amitabh bachans every one grows colnel mustaches like Mukeri! I have been influenced deeply by 4 men in my life…the 5th being my life but more than man i consider him Divine.
My Grand father ( Dadaajee) ,My father ( Bapu) ,My husband( jaan yaa jaanoo yaa jaanwar) and My Son ( Santoo) ..they have been indispensable part of my growing ,learning ,loving and fighting too! The one common demand i always had from my heart residents was to have a Mustache which was never fulfilled! I think my love for mustached men was quite influenced by Anil Kapoor of Ram lakhan or Amir khan of Talash or Akshay kumar of Rowdy Rathore….though definitely never by Keshto mukerji the drunkard character of Bollywood or Charlie chaplin and definitely not by Tooth brush mustached hitler or Scooter handled mustached Saddam Hussain! Mustache are considered as a Masculine facial ornament representing more Masculanity or Pride! The famous movie Golmal where Uttpal dutt only considers a man Sanskari if he is not moochh munda( with clean shave) depicts our conditioned mentality! Has anyone ever wondered why Bhagwaan Raam , Krishna or Vishnu ji never had Mustache??? I read in Chinnai there is a Parthasarthy temple where Lord Krishna has Mustache!The old Indian kings always had Mustache so maybe My Prince charming or dream boy was Moochho waala but all sophisticated men i had a privilege to live with prefer clean 11 year old son is my only hope but he too rejects the idea of owning the Moonch! Where as army men ,police officers or fire fighter would look incomplete without a Mustache how would our choclate boys heros look with it? To cut the long story short the question i want u to answer is how will we ask a Clean shaven man ..

Tumne to moonchh kataaa dee( u chopped of mustache.).
In hindi this is an idiom used when (you play away with your basic self respect)!

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