Okay, did the clickbaity title and subtitle make you think I was going to recommend Money Heist, The Queens Gambit or Bridgerton? If so, you might have clicked navigated to the wrong website, you might have been looking for The Huffington Post or Rotten Tomatoes. That said, here are five Netflix recommendations for you to binge-watch (or savor slowly):

  1.  The Social Dilemma – Okay, this is actually the number one recommendation in Huffington Post’s this week, I should be more careful with my sarcasms. This is a seminal documentary on the perils of social media. It is one thing to think that we are addicted to technology by chance. It is another thing for the technology companies to take advantage of loopholes in the way in which humans are wired, and manipulate us. Ex-Google employee Tristan Harris has brought this to the attention of the world, and works in battling this. The Social Dilemma will leave you shocked, and a better informed consumer of the technology world.

    If you’d like to read more on this subject, check out Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport and Irresistible by Adam Alter.

  2. The Secret – Not many documentaries have succeeded in polarising people like The Secret. Also a bestselling book, Rhonda Byrne brings about several of the world’s teachers to explain what the law of attraction is and how to manifest it in your life. Regardless of whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, this is a worthwhile watch, you will certainly like some parts of this documentary.
  3. I am Not Your Guru – This is a behind-the-scenes view of Tony Robbins’ event Date with Destiny. If you want to know what a Tony Robbins event looks like, as well as what goes on behind the scenes in a Tony Robbins event.

    Watching this documentary in 2019 made me attend Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within event in Miami in November 2019.

  4. Minimalism – It is widely believed in society (not os.me, of course) that possession of more things brings happiness. This documentary looks to disprove that myth, exploring several aspects of minimalistic living, and showing the virtues of the adage “Less is More”.
  5. Your Favorite Sitcom – Laughter is indeed the best medicine. A good sitcom makes you laugh, and this is a good thing. Go ahead, laugh your way to good health!
  6. Bonus Recommendation: Jeopardy – Seasons 33 and 34 are on Netflix! If you are a Jeopardy fan, or if you like American flavoured trivia, Jeopardy is the show of your choice. Quirky bartender Austin Rogers is on a roll in season 34. 

Picture Credit: Netflix