Ever wondered what differentiates the best from the rest? Powerful habits.

Pick any random person you consider successful and ask them what they do differently and the most common answer will be, “I build good habits.”

Habits are critical to modern-day success because they are consistent patterns that add up and form behaviour that facilitates success.
In this short write-up, we’ll discuss the five powerful habits of all successful people and why you should start building them.

Time Management

Time is a scarce resource, and it’s always running out. One day, we’ll inevitably run out of time, so we must take care of it while we can.

Both successful and unsuccessful people have the same 24 hours daily, but how they utilize it makes all the difference. With all the convenience we have around us, our minds often wander and lose track of time. Time management is one of the most powerful habits to build in 2022.

Successful people allocate their time to different aspects of their life, such as friends/family, work, and personal care. In this allocation, too, they prioritize specific tasks and manage others on the side.

Taking Action

Successful people are driven by vision, and they continue to walk towards it. They don’t have the habit of sitting around and daydreaming about that “successful life,” they work for it.

Everybody wants to be successful, but if you ask people, are you willing to work for it? Most wouldn’t be able to answer in less than 5 seconds. But for successful people, it’s always a yes.

Take action because your goals wouldn’t walk towards you; they want you to come to them, which is why this is a powerful habit. Make that painting, sing your song in public, complete that deliverable, but just keep doing something.

Personal Care

You cannot care for the world if you’re feeling miserable. Taking care of your body, mind, and soul is increasingly essential in today’s fast-moving world. Personal care involves eating right, taking enough rest, cleansing yourself, and relaxing enough.

In our day-to-day lives, we often forget to stop and fix ourselves, which is part of the reason half the world is living a miserable life despite having decent jobs and homes. It’s not your job or your friends and family; it’s you. If you maintain your body, mind, and soul regularly through little routines, nothing will seem so miserable anymore, and a powerful habit will be built.


Meditation is the process of becoming friends with your mind, so negative thoughts, tendencies, and emotions never shake your balance. Most successful people meditate early in the morning and start their day with a fresh mind.

However, for a lot of people, meditation is challenging because they cannot control their thoughts. If that is the case with you, check this out.

I’m an active meditator, and I can proudly say that meditation has resulted in a profound change in my life. It helps me direct all my focus and energy to the essential things in my life and feel more fulfilled.


While meditation takes care of the mind, exercise takes care of the body. Together, they take care of our souls, bringing good health and happiness. Many people exercise in their own ways but never by routine. It’s good that you occasionally try push-ups or go running, but understand this, without a routine, it will not take you anymore.

Join a gym if you’re outgoing or perform yoga if you love staying at home. Do something that makes your body fitter.

I hope you liked this. Stay tuned for Part 2.