I am writing this post today after 34 hours of water-fasting, yesterday.

Fasting is the first principle of medicine; fast and see the strength of the spirit reveal itself~ Rumi

Water fasting is one of my ways to awaken my inner doctor to heal my body from inside. Our body is our own doctor. It knows everything about it as it is the creator of itself. It knows every surviving tricks from cleaning the body from inside to recreating it, if possible.

I am doing waterfasting for last few years. I had started it probably in 2017. In my first attempt I succeded to go without food for 72 hours. Then I had done it again in 2019 (72 hours). But now, most of the days I go with 24 to 34 hours of water-fasting. 


What is Water-fasting?

Water-fasting means you just have to live by water for a certain period of time. No food, no fruit juices, no drinks, no coffee and no edibles except drinking water.


Why Water Fasting?

Just think of a car or any electronic goods from T.V to washing machines. Can you imagine those running continuously without any breaks? No! Then what offence these poor babies (organs) of your belly (abdomen) have done to you that you keep them running without given them a rest? Please do have mercy on them! Let them have a ‘me-time’! 


A Daily Drama in Our Belly

7:10am (after the Aarati) 

Belly: Wake up stomach! This man has started eating again. What is it? Oh! Puri-sabji! Release your digestive juice.



Belly: Hey! What is that sound?

Stomach: Biscuits! Peanuts! He has started again!

Belly: Again! Have you digested those puris? 

Stomach: No! It is just in the process. I need atleast 4 hour hours, man!



Belly: What Happens?

Stomach: This man is opening the fridge!

Belly: oh no! What more to come! 

Stomach: Sweets! Gulabzamuns from Haldiram! One more! Another! Oh! Let me digest, man! I am tired of this job!



Stomach: And he is eating lunch now! Monster! I am resigning, man! Offer my job to Zinetac and Eno.

And it goes on…


Hope you have enjoyed this drama and now on a Serious Note-


What Happens when We Do Water-fasting?

For years, our life energies are busy in spending most of their energies in digestive processes. Our organs are busy in digesting the foods and spreading the nutritious values in the body. 

Now when you do Water-fasting and give rest to your organs and digestive system, you energies and your body get time to heal and clean your body from unnecessary junks and toxic elements, which are residing in your body.

Have you seen, when you fall ill, the first thing happens to you that your appetite falls. It is body’s way of telling you that it is fighting with your illness now. It has to focus more of its energies to heal you. Do not eat anything now so that it can do its job without distributing its energies.


How It Does?

Our body needs a certain amount of calorie-intake every day to run it properly. Calories are basically energies. Let us assume that you need 1700 calories per day to run your body. Now on the Water-fasting day, when you do not take a single amount of calorie from outside, your body actually starts eating itself from within. Without energy nothing can happen. So your body needs to manage the energy intake somehow. 

The body starts eating those unnecessary junks and toxic elements which are residing in your body for years. Then it starts to eat your unhealthy fats, stored in your body. And in this way it starts cleaning your body from inside.


Benefits of Water-Fasting on Points

  • It gives rest to your digestive organs
  • It awakens your inner doctor
    It cleans your body from unhealthy junks
  • It makes you toxins-free
  • It cleans your intestines
  • It cleans your organs and veins from unnecessary fats (we know that how fat blockages lead to organ failures)
  • It makes you feel light and breaks the heaviness
  • It takes away most your breathing problems
  • It does good to reduce both your sugar intakes and sugar levels
  • It does good to our hearts and stomachs
  • Your mind becomes clearer (As mind instructs you to find food. It becomes creative to seek ways to gather food)
  • Skin quantity improves
  • It boosts your self esteem etc and etc


Quotes of Philosophers on Fasting

“I fast for greater physical and mental efficiency” ~Plato

“In a fast, body tears down its defective parts and then builds anew when eating is resumed” ~Shelton

“The best of all medicines are resting and fasting” ~ Benjamin Franklin

“The goal of fasting is inner unity” ~Merton

“Health and healing will follow fasting” ~Jentezen Franklin

“Fasting for the body is food for the soul” ~Saint John


How to Do It?

i) Take a Sankalpa

Prepare your body and mind with a Sankalpa, a day before. Talk to your body and mind that you are going to do a 24 hours of fasting tomorrow. And it is just for them so they can rest and heal themselves.


What You May Face on the Water-fasting Day?

i) Headaches

ii) Craving for food: Which is usual

iii) From the afternoon, you may find yourself browsing on street-foods-review channels on YouTube (if you are not mindful). Anyway you can enjoy the food vlogs.

iv) You may feel little weak in the evening and thats it


Trick to Settle Your Cravings

Whenever you feel the hunger, drinks enough water. It will serve you well.


After 24 hours of Water-fasting

i) You may find your tongue little bit whiter 

ii) All other waster matters will be released through excretion


How to Break a Fast?

i) Breaking a fast is more important than fasting itself

ii) Your are not allowed to break your fast by ordering Dominos Veg-Extravaganza with extra cheese brusts 

  • Your body is not fully ready now

iii) Go with simple foods which are easy to digest (If you are doing waterfasting for 24 hours only, you can break it with any food though. But don’t go with heavy or oily foods)

iv) If you are fasting for more than 48 hours, you have to be serious about breaking the fast

  • I generally had done it with puffed rice (muri/murmura) in water
  • You can break your fast with cucumbers or apples or watermelons etc
  • The quantity of food intake should be much lesser in your first two intakes
  • Eat the same food in 2 hours gap for 2 times
  • And then after 4 hours, you are ready to increase your foods on your plate.
  • It is just to make sure that your digestive process has started by now


When You Should Do It? 

Do it on Sundays or when you have nothing much to do and you are at home.



i) Don’t do it for weight-loss

ii) Whenever you feel you are not ok to take it further, break the fast

iii) Do not rise from beds and chairs in haste

iv) I don’t recommend doing fasting without even water; a big no no from my side



My Experience with 72 Hours

Day- 1 

Nothing much happened in the morning as I was prepared for it. From the afternoon, headaches started (bearable). Craving was there. I had spent most of the time on browsing food vlogs. Went for a walk in the evening and slept early to pass the first day.

Day 2

I somehow felt the craving lesser. The trick is to full your stomach with water. I went to gym. Did some cardio. I did my study. Browsed on food vlogs. And slept early. 


Weakness was there but still much energy was there to do my regular jobs. Feeling was great. After 2 day’s success, I was feeling motivated. As usual watched some food vlogs. Did my daily routine-works. Went for walk. Everything was great and I break my Fast with water and puffed rice. 



i) A sense of achievement

ii) Feeling of lightness

iii) Breathing got better

iv) Lost almost 5 kgs in 3 days (My body holds water weight easily so those 5kgs include both fat and water weight)

v) A sense of calmness

vi) Most importantly my body cleaned itself from toxins and unnecessary wastes


MY Experience on Yesterday (34 hours)

After so many experiences with water-fasting, my mind do not crave for food, now; mainly when I am doing waterfasting. Yesterday, I did it with an ease. 

Though in the afternoon, I somehow found myself browsing on some photos of foods on Instragram and then on YouTube, I became aware of my thoughts and I closed those windows.

Somehow my mind now knows that when Anitosh takes sankalpa of not eating food and continue with water-fasting, he does that. 

Only in the evening time, I caught with some mild headaches but it surpassed. And I broke the fast today morning.

Its a long post. Still much is left about Water-fasting. But hope these informations will serve you in some good ways.


I am not recommending anyone to do water-fasting without any medical advices. As fasting is not safe for everyone. I just have shared my experiences and the ways to do it safely. I don’t know how much science is there in it. It had served our ancients in a good way. It serves me good. Hope it serves you too. If you feel you are ready for it, go with it. If you feel the opposite, DO NOT!


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