Hello os.me family ,Happy Janmashtami to all .

Krishna Ji has always been an inspiration for us .

On the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami , I thought of sharing the lessons that Bhagwaan Shri Krishna taught us .

Here are the 8 lessons Krishna JI taught us :

1.       To be naughty but not to be offensive/careless:

Krishna Ji as a child did a lot of things that were cute and was very naughty as a child but never hurted anyone by words or never did something that was a careless act

2.       To take care of our loved ones :

We all grew up listening to the stories of Krishna ji where he did all the possible things he could to save his loved ones , even fought with demons and God of Rain .

3.       To take care of even animals because they are living beings too:

Krishna Ji was extremely fond of his cows and his monkey friends

4.       To be never scared of what comes next:

He always taught us to be never scared from doing the deeds that are actually are your duties and you should fulfill  them whatever it brings even it scares us

5.       To be thankful everytime :

He taught us to be thankful for everything we received from nature or from someone.

6.       To never stand with wrong side:

He never took stand with Kans even he knew a lot of people stand for him when Kans was absolutely evil and wrong.

7.       To be calm while thinking  :

Krishna Ji is always seen in a calm state and not in angry or panicked. HE always thought in a calm way . That’s what he told  Arjun when he was too much stressed to think properly .

8.       To be wise and thoughtful:

Krishna Ji taught us to be wise and quick-witted in the situations in order to not to panic and being thoughtful of every thing that surrounds you .

With Smiles 😊 ,

Gaarvi 🌼

Jai Sri Hari 🙏