When I was a kid, it was a treat for me to visit my aunt’s house since they had two tortoises in a large water tub. Even my mother used to feed me close to that tank because I don’t moan when I eat while I’m around these tortoises. I used to spend hours watching them swim, feed, and sit stationary while floating up for warmth and breathing.

My specific affinity for tortoises is still strong, and I frequently go to Bannerghatta National Park to watch them. I enjoy watching them for several hours while they walk slowly, maintain a calm posture, and eat mindfully. It is one of my favorite holiday activities.

In my fast-paced life, tortoises have taught me the lesson of slowing down, walking deliberately, eating mindfully, and breathing deeply. Because of this, I consider the tortoise to be my very first spiritual teacher. 

Below I’ve also included a list of some incredible life lessons that we can pick up from tortoises.

  1. Find some quietude in your life.

    The national park is visited by thousands of people. Some were trying to converse with them while others were yelling, making remarks, or laughing. But regardless matter who is around, they keep calm. If they come upon something unsettling, they pull their heads in and sit still.

    Similar to this, there is a wide variety of people around us, including those from the professional, spiritual, and many other backgrounds. Sometimes we think too much about ourselves and other people. Don’t constantly be in a rush. Focus on yourself and take regular breaks to relax, breathe deeply, be grateful, and smile. You can discover peace and tranquility at any time, anywhere.

  2. Eat peacefully…and mindfully.

    The tortoises take one bite at a time while they eat. They never fight over meals, and neither are they hurried. They eat calmly and gently.When you eat, do not rush or be anxious eating calmly, one bite at a time calms the mind, regulates your thoughts, and gives you a relaxed and positive feeling.

    As I was composing this, a memory popped into my head that I’d want to share with you.

    When I visited the Bhadrika Ashram for a black lotus event In 2019, We were fortunate enough to have Swamiji’s company while we having our lunch. During that period, he ate calmly, happily and with undivided attention. That day, I felt grateful for this opportunity. My understanding of mindful eating was strengthened by that experience.

  3. Keep a relaxed head and carry out all tasks easily.

    Tortoises do everything with ease, like swim, walk, eat, and accomplish any work with the same attitude. They exhibit absolutely no tension while performing their duties.Do not let chaos in the world make you lose your inner serenity.Stay calm and carry on your tasks with utmost efficiency.

  4. Possessions and charisma don’t bring happiness.

    Even though animals, including tortoises, don’t own anything, they are incredibly content. Even enlightened beings and children exhibit this mindset.Don’t deceive yourself into thinking that owning something, succeeding, or wearing the priciest outfits will make you happy. HAPPINESS comes from within. None are necessary to love your day’s meal…nap…and life.

  5. Discover more about yourself through solitude and stop looking to other people to validate your value.

    Tortoises don’t look to others for validation that they are right or wrong. They simply do nothing or enthusiastically swim without anyone’s approval or movement.

  6. Focus entirely on a single task at a time.

    One of the most significant lessons we can take away from tortoises is this. If you’re meditating, focus solely on that; do not think about anything else. And if you are working, focus solely on that task at hand without thinking about anything else.

    It helps to preserve effectiveness, simplicity, and focus. Everyone is aware that moving between tasks frequently leads to interruptions and discomfort. Mono-tasking will keep things simple, focused, and productive. Once a task is finished, go on to the next one.

    Note: I wrote this section with the purpose of focusing on the main areas where you wish to make improvement, such mindfulness, spirituality, or economic growth. It is accurate to say that mono-tasking is not always feasible. We usually multitask while carrying out a number of daily tasks. For instance, a driver may speed up or change gears while keeping an eye on approaching traffic

  7. Relax and take a deep breath.

    Do you know the reason for the longevity of tortoises? It’s because they breath deeply.

    They inhale and exhale smoothly and deeply. They remain calm and stay healthy because of this breathing rhythm.

    When we have relaxed and deepened our breathing, we feel more at ease and less stressed. Everything seems to be bright and distinct. Additionally, it is quite beneficial for overcoming anxiety.

  8. Don’t be afraid to be you. You are unique and special

    Each of us has a unique appearance, sense of style, traditions, comforts, and way of living. Thus, we stand out from other people. Therefore, there is no need to compare the two. Even tortoises don’t move as quickly as cats or birds, however, they live contentedly.

    Do not feel uneasy, bewildered, humiliated, or imperfect in any way, even with regard to your accent, appearance, or professional endeavours. Instead of comparing your life to others’, just accept it for what it is. Don’t concern yourself with what others may think of you. It promotes tranquilly and comfort.

Peace and Love,