Isn’t it a weird name for a post? It is I know however this is one-off the productive and effective method I found to work on.

Before that, I want you to be mindful of how normally we all work on our day or task. I will tell you about my self 🤣 I had never been a productive person fragile completing a task and concentrating on one thing. I used many different techniques in past too however nothing lasts for long. Mostly I used to do multitasking not focusing on one thing. Swamiji talk about it numerous times still flunked to do a single task at a time. And then finally one day I decided man this is enough this is how you want to live your day and I realised this when beloved Swamiji ask us to write about Four lists. Short recap.

1. What the most important thing you want and make it the five most of most important.

2. What you are not proud of.

3. What you are proud of (this is a real task for me🤣)

4 what if there are no restrictions what do you love to do.

I hope you done with your list. If not please do it tonight.

Well after that sudden enlightenment 😂 I reckoned, this way I will hardly accomplish any work, So I adopted a simple method of performing my hardest chore of the day first.

This is called 90/9. It is 90/90 but to test my self I make it short.😀 so committed my morning 90 minutes for 9 days for the most meaningful and tough task. The only thing we have to do in this is set morning 90 minutes for 9 days for the important task which you want to complete. Take it as a challenge. 

Few tips- 

 1. Keep it simple and be practical with 90 minutes task.

2. If possible break that 90 minutes into 30-30-30 minutes.

3. Plan previously what you want to finish.

4. Try to fix the same timing every day. Keep your distractions away.

Advantages, of course:

1. You have the whole day to focus on other elements.

2. You feel like winning over your day. ✌🏼

3. You use the most productive time for the most important task. So no stress.🤸‍♂️

4. You feel to do more and more and at the end of day Satisfaction.🧘‍♂️

The inspiration behind this is Swamiji we all know how much he works hard and how attentive he is about time.

I understand we have some sort of excuses nevertheless give it an attempt and if it helps you, go for 30 days and if not Try again😂kidding, I will share more productive and practical daily planning ways in the next post. So See it as a challenge and go on with your day.

All glories to Swamiji

Jai Sri Hari💓

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