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The Simpsons: A Timeless Masterpiece

The Simpsons stands as one of the greatest shows on TV, mainly for its...

Our Beloved Swamiji

A little backstory before I share a poem that wrote itself

Purr-fect Lesson from a Cat

Truth finds us in interesting ways, stay paws-itive!

Life-Gazing, Awfully Liberating

To cover the entire gamut of celestial bodies from a particular spot, one has...

What! Were You Thinking?

A technique that helps me reset the mind: Drop it like it's hot! Be...

Happy Birthday!

Live your own truth


A tale of violence, realisation, catharsis and freedom

It’ll Be Better, Trust Me

Musings on life and pain

Push Ups and Pull Downs

How to fix the problem of not knowing what to after completing a task


मेरा घर मेरा स्वर्ग, अंदर शांत... बाहर शांत 

Ian’s Reciprocity!

At times, sadness evades insecurities, that's what I learnt from Ian

Productivity Hacks That Work

Pomodoro Technique and other tips to help create a better version of yourself

Will You be My Mother Now?

It was heart-wrenching. I couldn’t muster any strength to speak

Yoga Tips for Healthy Eyes

Simple exercises for keeping eyes relaxed and disease free...