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Say No More

A silent song

Avatar of sadhvi vrinda om
Lock & Key

Seek and you shall find

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The Joy of Not Being Able to Help

How I felt happy even when I was not able to help a CoVid...

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A Clingy Girl

You can skip this post

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The Upanishads – Part 8

Upanishads of the Rig Veda #1: Aitareya Upanishad #8

Avatar of sri devi om
My Date Went Very Wrong

A Terrible Dating Experience!

Avatar of leenkesh ramlagun
Why Do Dogs Live Shorter Lives than Humans?

Here's the surprising answer from a 6-year-old

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Remembering Meenakka

A soul-awakening, lest it should go unsaid

Avatar of sundaram venkatesh
To My Three Mothers

How having biological, guardian and adoptive moms shaped me

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Little Mama — The Conclusion

A soulful true story from my heart to yours!

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Calling My Grandmother

How happy the old feel when the dear young call!

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The Villager and the Happy Man

Goodness is not a sign of weakness

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WFH Diaries


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The Piano

My best friend of all times, the journey has begun

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A Mother of All Trades

The bond between a mother and her child is an integral part in all...

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