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जीवन से अज्ञात

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Avatar of durga
Complaint Diet

My mindfulness practice #TheWriteChoice

Avatar of vandana jaiswal
Black Lotus App, The Panacea?

Black lotus app is growing at phenomenal pace and I can't keep calm

Avatar of rajesh kodukula
What Held Me Up from Writing, for Months

It can hold you too, sometimes for eternity..

Avatar of hritik
The Placebo Jacket

The absence of anchoring #TheWriteChoice

Avatar of prahalad rajkumar
I Witnessed a Miracle of Kindness

Fountains of kindness abound wherever Swamiji is present

Avatar of hiral rai
While I Was Away…

The truth behind glass walls

Avatar of rajesh kodukula
Inner Peace

A journey to a state........ #TheWriteChoice

Avatar of neelam om
Two Monks and a Woman

Don’t lose your present to your past

Avatar of riddhima sharma
A Durva with a Yellow Tinge

Who wants to eat something tasty- a Ganesh Chaturthi special

Avatar of subham kumar paul
Kab Tak

Will all be the same always

Avatar of chander om
When Darkness Descends

Darkness and light are manifested from the same source

Avatar of sandeep maher
Where’s My Peace!

Where is peace?

Avatar of rasa
Miracle or Law of Attraction?

These words play like a ringtone in my mind

Avatar of riya om
||मैं तुझमें समाना चाहूं इस तरह||

मेरे भाव पुष्प आपके चरणों में😭🙏🏼🙏🏼

Avatar of abhishek sharma