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Do you enjoy Misery? I did, then...

I changed from being a victim to victor, overcoming hurdles in the journey of...

Inner Stillness Brings Transformation

...Until then we are just seeds

The Successful Failure

My attempts failed 21 times! But the 22nd time, I succeeded. This is what...

Online Classes? I Miss the Squeal of...

A student's take on online classes

Her name is not Pagli (the mad...

I wanted to know her name. I wanted everyone to know her name

A Shopaholic’s Decluttering Project for Self-Transformation

A simple act of decluttering my wardrobe helped empty my mind and simplify life

Come, Laugh out Loud with Me

When the entire Sri Badrika Ashram was in stitches, and other anecdotes

A Surprise!

Happiness can be found in the most unexpected, undesired of places

Setting Myself Free, a Journey

My story of breaking the psychological chains, and the three tools that helped me

Learn to be Humble from Me!

How this Mechanical Engineer is Staying Humble for Mankind's Sake!

The Master of Kintsugi 

I was a cracked bowl, He filled up my cracks with the liquid gold...

I want to be a devotee

I want to be a devotee dipped in your love

The Friend who Didn’t Help Me

Why you should mind your own business

The Sounds of Silence

Get tuned to the music that silence brings.

Essence of A Tear

A small trip to a humble abode, marks the biggest of the yatras...