It was about a year ago while I was in the middle of my mountain morning walk, that my phone rang.
It was a middle-aged woman, Brenda, calling me to tell me about her husband who wanted a divorce. Previously I had helped her friend Donna with the same situation and she had referred her to me. It’s not easy to navigate these waters alone. Desperation can often take over one’s will to live as if left alone on a boat lost at sea in the middle of a moonless night. 

Eloquently yet feeling her great need for help I jotted down some notes and kindly let her know more necessary optimistic probabilities while questioning robust strategies that ultimately and victoriously would change X Y and Z and save her relationship instead of doing the exact opposite. 

Writing Workshop day 3 ✅

We were asked to write using the letter of the alphabet in subsequential order A to Z.

Thanks for reading.