Today is such a beautiful day! I wish all of you a very happy Ram Navami! Bengal has been blessed with so many Devi-sadhaks who followed the bhakti marga. One of them is the poet and saint Ramprasad Sen. Here I have tried to translate a bengali song of Sadhak Ramprasad Sen. Hope you will enjoy this beautiful song of Maa.

Oh my tongue, utter the name of Kali

Meditate on her feet,

Drink the nectar of her name, 

If you want to get saved.


Brother, friends, sons and neighbours,

Nobody is going to accompany you when Time will come.

When Yama will tie you up,

Except those feet nobody is there for you.


For once utter the name of maa Durga, 

Her name is the only thing to be dependent on.

This ever changing world, no way to across,

Everyone is helpless, think of that.


Oh, so much time have been wasted 

Look, the end is near. 

Prashad (Ram Prasad) asks you to take the name of Kali 

All your pain will be vanished.

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