I have reached a point where I can see these two paths diverging in the woods of my self-discovery.

Both are equally breathtakingly beautiful and inviting to me.

The first one, my heart longs to follow. The second one, deeply fascinates my mind and intellect.

  1. The path of Bhakti yoga
  2. The Zen path

The days that I feel no emotions give no contentment to my heart. My soul wanders astray- unquenched without the nectar of emotions, without the tears of bliss. The day I don’t/can’t cry in joy and gratitude, is a day not fully lived.

I find myself contemplating every now and then-

Do I believe God has a form?

No. Not yet!

I love God. I have Faith. But when I sit down to meditate, I don’t see any form of Sri Hari or Devi Maa. I see my Guru’s face sometimes smiling at me.

Most of the times though, it’s just the involuntary slow deep rhythms of my breath~



Just this gives me such a great amount of peace, which is incomparable to anything else. Some call it Vipassana, some call it Zen. I call it “THAT”.

And when this THAT happens, I am there- completely, fully present in the present. There are no thoughts and there are no emotions. There’s only BLISS- an intoxicating and addictive bliss.

Then again the dilemma arrives, as I sit for my Riyaz and sing “Arziyan” for my Guru, for my God, with all my heart. How overwhelmed and grateful and loved I feel when I sing it!

The devotion purifies me and burns all the negativities that I’ve been carrying along the whole day. This experience is too blissful to be penned down in words. Only the tears of Love that I shed would do justice to this expression.

This dilemma is the most blissful one, as I know that on whichever path the universe directs my journey, would lead me to only one place…

An Eternal Blissful Paradise

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