The window seems like a pair of hazy glasses

With which I used to see the world in a muffled view long ago

And now I stand at the balcony

Listening to the tunes of a steady downpour.

The sand flies right into my eyes

But I blink them not for I want the view to stay

They break my ego blinding me from my vision

But at my feet they wash my sins and to inside me the goddess pray.

The cloud seems lonely and dreary tonight

It seems to forget the laughs about its form yesterday we did share

The balcony fills up as if to let me view a sea of my own

A sea of joy and contentment, yet it reminds me of my mistakes, sorrow and despair.

The windows blur further as if they are the cheeks to the sky

Its tear streams pour down so fast I can watch not even the raindrop race

I sit and admire the beauty and the sweetness

Of the world and the rainfall in it I admire the pace.

I see him resonate in every drop of a drop

And in every howl that the wind does cry

I hear-see him as I close the curtains to sit down to work

Bidding the world, the rainfall and my fellow clouds a painful goodbye.

But not to him do I bid the time of the day

For I know he is my sweet lord, and he is there to stay.


A/N: Pretty much true. It’s so beautiful when it’s raining outside, and absolutely disheartening so to close the blinds and force myself to complete the scheduled chapter. All the more because one can see his beauty in every elements when those beady tears of the sad clouds fall from the sky.

What’s even more disheartening is the fact that I miss so many awesome reads by new and old writers alike on this beautiful platform, I apologise so, so much for the same. There’s just an extensive amount of studies to cover, all the more because my exams start day after tomorrow. Once again, I apologise, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading a thirteen year old’s musings. It means a lot more than I can convey in words 🙃 Much love to each one of you and thank you again!

Stay Happy Forever!