Before I began, this is a summary of the book by Sadhguru ,I read and the material of the post is taken from that book itself. Lines from book are self-explanatory, still I wrote something 😊.

Divided in into three parts, The first two – Part 1, What is Karma and Part 2, How to handle or dissolve it. Part three is note to readers.

Here is what I could understand.

As mentioned, Karma is not to be considered as a balance sheet which we use as a profit loss register. The concept itself has been mentioned as absurd. “It simply means we have created a blue print for our life”(page 8). We are making it for ourselves and has nothing to do with any sufferings or success we get. It is existential mechanism as the things are and based on action at three levels Body, Mind and Energy. Whatever we do in life it leaves an imprint on. Karma is not about physical action alone it is basically more about volition.

One line that etched in my mind “Intentions motivated by personal agenda always accrues munch more Karma”.  Here is what I have been doing for personal agenda; visit to temple God pls do this or that for me. Visit to ashram – it will be good for me; Donate – God will give me back multi folds times and so on——-.  So will try to stop and take baby steps towards selfless service.

When we work with pure intention then we inch towards liberation side and that door starts opening. The reason why Love is called God, is due to that fact that in love a person become selfless, non judgmental and inclusive; In love only person acts and do not expect anything in return.

Other line from book  “ Once you energetically try to influence some one else for your benefit, it is the worst possible Karma (occult or BM)”                  I am sure this is not applicable to this platform.  Better never to try it and also not to take help of it through some one else, the rebound might be harsh.

Books states that doing deed is not that significant, it with what intention we do it matters  most. So I guess doing any pious work with intention of getting some fruit may not work, it has to be selfless, as many in this platform have been doing for years now. Myself still quite far away from selfless service bhava, hope we all reach that stage.

Avoiding any experience whether good or bad, pain or pleasure acquires Karma. Taking life as it comes with no complaints and regrets is the way. Living it fully dissolves Karmas. What Krishna say to Kunti putar in Mahabharata is don’t avoid the war (your Karma) and face it as it unfolds without hesitation or regrets.

One other line in the book which I feel is very important “Your Karma is not what is happening to you. Your Karma is in the way you respond to what is happening to you”. So any thing happening to us is not a result of past actions but how we processing that accumulation. Pain is inevitable defense mechanism of the body but suffering is entirely in our hands. Collective Karma of the society and our fore fathers impact us. How we shape ourselves in society is what we learn from society and our fore fathers.

Way out of Kramic web :- Karma Yoga

Be a doer in the life, more than the type of deed done, how we do it is more important , like a good work done with compulsiveness leads to more entanglement.  Also work done as duty doesn’t help. Whatever we do it has to come out from inner self.

a.      To dissolve Karma we should do it with awareness or abandonment.  Awareness is when we are completely involved in it. Here mindfulness is not considered as awareness. It is when it comes from the deepest corner of our hearts (chitta). Abandon is when you completely give your self, involvement becomes so intense.

b.      Renouncing the fruits of one’s action –  The basis of Karma yoga is “to be involved in the process and not the product” as mentioned in page 120.  This is tough to follow for a commoner like me as we do expect returns. If we can get involved  without expecting anything then we will liberate.

Women has better Kramic account in this category as they have been in selfless service. We all have examples in our homes. I also know one woman from last fourteen years who has always kept family above her own needs not expecting anything in return. So, not difficult to understand her great spiritual progress; hard for me to catch up :).

c.       To Rule or to serve , choice is ours. The issue when you choose to rule you are in fear of being dethroned where as when you choose to serve you remain same, unaffected of the surrounding. Books mentions – according to Buddhist lore “Gautama the Buddha said he would rather serve in hell than go to heaven because , anyway , he was incapable of suffering. That was his freedom”.

d.      Sacrifice, when we give up something without excepting any returns.

Karma Yoga and the Physical Body

 Doing yoga , various ashanas and kriya helps in reducing the Kramic debt.

Living in Gratitude is very important as it’s the right or if I can say only way to deal with life.

Physical memory – Emphasis is given on reducing the physical memory from other people. What I understood avoid physical touch or exchange of items which are high carriers of the memory, like not to accept lemon or salt from some. Washing clothes separately, using your own ashana for the puja. Taking bath, which is not just a physical cleaning of the body, its more than that. No wonder those on the path of Saddhana are encouraged to keep their things separately. Namsakar instead of hand sake or hug was followed as the Indian way of greeting.

Karma Yoga and the Mental Body

Our mental body is a main source of Karma and that’s where meditation helps. As it aims at creating a gap between mind and you. When we create that the karmas sheds off slowly and gradually.

One thing in the book I found new, mean first time read the concept is one should avoiding healing other as it will effect those who are healed and the one who is healing. The healing of ailments is considered as dangerous.

When ever life is not working out as per our thinking and things are going bad, we at times blame past Karma, this entangles us more in the web. Better to face things as they come and never escape the responsibility.

Endeavor to make your living a powerful opportunity.

As mentioned in the beginning this is all is just taken from the book and not my original work.