One of the most beautiful books that I read this year was, A prayer that never fails-7 Spiritual Practices to catapult to happiness written by Sadhvi Vrinda Om.

For spiritual aspirants this book is a must read.     I call it a beautiful book because here the words flow like crystal clear water. Once you finish reading the book you feel rejuvenated with new hope and faith in the omniscient presence. Sadhvi Ji practically holds your hand to lead the way out of the maze that we are trapped in, 

Her words are simple yet leave an indelible impression on your mind.  

She writes,”I could still have shied away from penning this book and continue to lead my life as most people do, battling with themselves. However, throngs of people who come to the ashram to meet my guru Om Swami made me realise that I wasn’t suffering alone. The world suffered with me. My problems was not unique. My failures were everyday failures for others as well. They too were dancing to fickle tunes of their unanchored, untamed and untrained mind.”

How true these words are as every moment I battle with thoughts which pull me back to a life of resignation and failure. The lessons that Sadhvi Ji imparts pull us from this blackhole that we constantly find ourselves in.

We are all searching for an anchor who is steadfast, having battled the issues that we find trapped in.  Sadhvi Ji manages to instill that confidence in us that it is possible to attain spiritual progress with the right attitude. We may falter and still rise to conquer our fallacies. As Swamiji said , “Sadhvi Vrinda helps us to see the world in a new way. She is easily the most candid and honest person I have ever met in my life.” There is no pretense in Sadhviji’s account ,she reflects on day to day challenges that our mind encounters and how best we can overcome them. I have found my  answers to many questions after reading this book. It is more of a practical guide which should be referred to again and again for the right directions. 

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