The Heart of Success is really a very unique book written by Swami Ji. As it’s a business book and Swami Ji usually writes about spiritual concepts in His books. It is a unique book because Swami Ji has not only given business knowledge or His professional life’s anecdotes in this wonderful book but He has written this book in a very spiritual framework. Swami Ji has used 3 verses from Srimad Bhagavad Gita and they form the basis of this great book. So, the body of this book is about business but the soul of this book is very much spiritual. 


This Principle made by Swami Ji constitutes the main part of the book. Here, S stands for Self, A stands for Approach, C stands for Competence, R stands for Resources, E stands for Efforts and D stands for Destiny in the word “Sacred”. Swami Ji has written this part with an amazing balance of business concepts and anecdotes from His entrepreneurial life. All of the business concepts along with Swami Ji’s insights are really helpful for a layman like me. I really liked the anecdotes of Swami Ji’s business life, particularly ‘My First Sale’ and ‘Lift The Game’ in this section.


The Sacred Principle constitutes the major part of the book whereas The Epic Model is the minor part of the book. Here, E stands for Enthusiastic, P stands for Persistent, I stands for Independent and C stands for Clear in the word “Epic”. I think that The Epic Model is the sure shot path to success, if one can follow it diligently. 

It was a very good experience to read this amazing book by Swami Ji. I learned a lot from this Spiritual Business Book. I again want to thank Chandrika Mam for gifting me this fabulous book. I hope that you will like this return gift(of a book review), Dearest Chandrika Mam. 

P.S. I am taking a break from as my final exams of final semester are coming next month. After those exams, i have to focus on my career; so, i don’t know when i will be back on website. It was really great being here, thankyou for everything! All Glories To Swami Ji Ever And Forever!