I want to confess something before i write this book review. I am really blown away by reading this wonderful book. The experience of reading “Om Swami: As We Know Him” was really breathtaking. I read it two times and the experience was really mind blowing each time. Sadhvi Vrinda Om Ji and Swami Vidyananda Om Ji have really done a fabulous job in writing about their day-to-day experiences with Swami Ji. I have watched many you tube videos of Swami Ji and have also read Swami Ji’s articles. I always thought of him as a very spiritual, religious, intellectual, kind, compassionate and honest Swami Ji who is doing a lot of good work for the society and that too selflessly. After reading this amazing book, i now know that Swami Ji is nothing less of a God. He performs miracles in his day-to-day life like a child’s play and only to help the mankind. He can see through a person like we can see through a clear glass of water. He has saved many people’s lifes and He has also fulfilled innumerable wishes of so many people. This book is divided in two parts. The first part is written by Sadhvi Vrinda Om Ji and the second part is written by Swami Vidyananda Om Ji. 


Sadhvi Vrinda Om Ji has written this first part in a very good and friendly way. In the first few chapters, she wrote about her own positive transformation that happened because of Swami Ji. Swami Ji really healed Sadhvi Vrinda Om Ji from all her pains and hardships. It’s clears from her amazing experiences that she shared with Swami Ji; that Swami Ji reads people like we read a book. Our every thought, every desire, every intention, everything that is cooking in our heads is visible to Swami Ji. Swami Ji even sees our past and future. Sadhvi Vrinda Om Ji has also written about how intimidating it was for her when Swami Ji read about her most deepest thoughts. I also got to know that Swami Ji can also implant a thought in someone’s mind because of Sadhvi Ji’s scarf episode that she wrote in this book. Swami Ji also helped Sadhvi Ji’s neighbors (in the city) who hadn’t even met or even seen Swami Ji. The experience that Sadhvi Ji shared about Swami Ji’s astral body visiting her was the highlight of this first part. Sadhvi Vrinda Om Ji also shared about her spiritual sister and brother relation that she shared with Swami Vidyananda Om Ji. Swami Ji’s past life relations with Swami Vidyananda Om Ji and Sadhvi Vrinda Om Ji were really an eye opener for me. Sadhvi Ji also shared her beautiful relationship with Benoo; her black labrador. Swami Raghavananda is also mentioned briefly. All in all, this part was really very amazing and surprising. 


Swami Vidyananda Om Ji has written the second part of the book in a very respectful and divine way. Swami Vidyananda Ji had already left his home and renounced pretty early in his life. He spent some time in an Ashram in Bengaluru. After that, he came to Sadhana Sadan in Haridwar where he started taking care of temple duties. He worshipped Mahadev for the world. But he was praying to Mother Divine in reality. No one knew this secret. When he met Swami Ji for the first time, Swami Ji told him this deepest secret that he was guarding for such a long time. Swami Vidyananda Om Ji requested Swami Ji to become his Guru. But, since Swami Ji had to go to the Himalayas to complete his Sadhana; so he couldn’t. After a year, Swami Ji came back for Swami Vidyananda Om Ji to Haridwar. After that, Swami Vidyananda Om Ji decided to go to Swami Ji’s Ashram in Himachal Pradesh. His  first experience in the Ashram was not very different from other Ashrams that he has seen till now. But everything got good with time. Swami Vidyananda Om Ji is the first initiated disciple of Swami Ji. He also cooks for Swami Ji. Swami Vidyananda Om Ji also witnessed how Swami Ji healed so many people who were even so close to dying; just with the power of mantras and Swami Ji’s penance. He also wrote about how Swami Ji blessed childless couples who came to Swami Ji to be blessed with a child. Swami Vidyananda Om Ji also helped people in Swami Ji’s absence by giving those desperate people with sacred water from Swami Ji’s Kamandala; but it was done in rarest of rare circumstances. Swami Ji also taught Swami Vidyananda Om Ji a lot of Sadhanas to please JaganMata. Swami Vidyananda Ji got success in these Sadhanas in a very short time just because of Swami Ji’s grace. The episode about Pranapratishtha of Sri Hari’s Idol done by Swami Ji was the highlight of this second part of the book. All in all, this part was really about Gurudev (Swami Ji), Shishya( Swami Vidyananda Om Ji) and their divine and beautiful relation. 

I got to learn so many things about Swami Ji from this amazing book. I want to thank Swami Vidyananda Om Ji and Sadhvi Vrinda Om Ji for writing this beautiful book about Swami Ji. I also want to thank Chandrika Mam for gifting me this book. Please accept this post as your very belated birthday gift, Dearest Chandrika Mam! I bow down to Swami Ji, Swami Vidyananda Om Ji, Sadhvi Vrinda Om Ji  and Chandrika Mam. All Glories To Swami Ji!