A Breath And Eternity

A Poem About Finding Ourselves

In this grand Cosmos,

Amongst the multitude of galaxies,

On a tiny planet

Of an average solar system,

You play out your life and death. 


Among all these billions of people

And trillions of life forms,

You are one 

Breathing and acting like others.

On the galactic scale of time,

You are just a passing wave—

Swelling for some time,

Would dissolve again.


So, what’s the sum of your life? 

Pleasure, pain, hope and despair—

Clinging and learning to let go—

Isn’t it all? 

Isn’t that what you call your life? 


Now, take a deep breath

And let it go…

Just let it go

Like you’ve seen and lived whatever

There was to see and live

Like your life is complete now

And all your work is done!

You’re home! 

[P.S: Eternity is in Silence. In that Silence, you are! Repose in that Silence, you’ll be home. Breath is a door to that space.]

Thank you.
Image Credit: Buddhistdoor Global.

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