When a child toddles in his way,it gives us immense joy.
When he laughs at modest things, it leads to a wave of mirth get sprinted in our body.

When there is no conflict between their mind and heart, it gives us different level of satisfaction.

When they keep expressing their natural jauntiness,it provides us colossal bliss.

When he don’t know about show off, courtesy,it gives us reason to entertain his blithe.

When he don’t know how to lie,it makes us to adore him more.

This is all so because he is a complete expression of purity, ‘he is all soul but no thoughts’. There is no real or fake version of a child’s personality like grown ups.
I remember an incident, a kid with his family was living in my house at rent.
One day a begger came to my house and I went inside to bring a bowl of wheat or rice and when I came outside to give it to that begger ,that kid ran towards him hastingly and took a fistfull of rice from bag of begger and put it all in his mouth besides my many efforts to stop him. Earlier I got mad at him but later I thought “no I should not get angry but praise this innocence because it can be found only in a child”.
He has no idea of delusions of soceity, everything is right for him,he don’t know that any wrong exists.They don’t know what is true or false.
Their truthfullness allows them not to hesitate,their thoughtless mind provides them a wonderful sleep,their envyless charachter allows them to enjoy their life.
That’s why kids are closest to god.

We grown ups always keep trying to get that life back,those tension free days,those competition free days,those casuistry free days.
We try to do several tricks to keep ourselves happy,to have our mind thoughtless….still don’t get that gratification.
As soon as child starts crawling,we start teaching him,we start guiding him,we start telling him to do this or not to do this,we all want these toddlers to learn from us but we never tried learning from them. We never realised that they have so much to teach us,they have that ‘mool mantra’ of life which we are finding from surrounding.

Why I think they have mool mantra because they are all soul….’soul’- which is part of God.

We all have soul (that mool mantra),but we all have eclipsed our soul by umbra of our mind,heart,thoughts,worldly delusions. So we all have to learn from these little rug rats, that if we want ‘mother divine’ to move her hands on our forehead,if we want to play in her lap like a child , then we have to become like a child, we should have that devotion for her lap like a child has for his ‘maa ka anchal’.

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