I believe that there is an inner wisdom in everyone that tells us what is right. If we all listened to it, the world would be a loving and caring place (especially for the weaker group in society). Today, however, there is so much sadness, greed and evil in society. People often think that when we die, we just disappear into infinity (we just vanish), and because of that, they try to get all they can by taking the last force. Sometimes even without choosing the tools.

It is wrong. The worst possible.

We will not disappear into infinity. At least not in the sense they think.

In fact, every moment of our lives – every day – we create the ground for our future incarnations, which basically means that our grandchildren and their children can be us in our future incarnations. So every time before we begin to act, we should think about if we really want it for ourselves – for the future us.

Mostly we don’t.

The good news is that we can make a choice. We are deciding right now what kind of world we want and what we are heading for. But for the best results we must do it together, because our society is built together.

In a book written by Osho was the call for forming a united world government. People in government would work only for 6 months, then new ones are elected. It eliminates any misuse of power.

It was just an idea. I don´t think, that we (as humanity) are ready for that now. But I believe, that highly developed societies would do that. And we need (for the world wealth) to be highly-developed race, otherwise we lost us as humans. We need to go inside. To the heart of material and spiritual world. It gives us the balance that is needed.

People must live in unity. We are all the same. Whether you are young or old, small or big – our essence is one, and ignoring it will create a society that is completely unequal. But inequality hurts us and our world. It makes us sick and sad.

It seems strange that we are taking over land, forests, bodies of water (even air), even though we have not created them ourselves. These are created by the Eternal Spirit, by God. Why, then, do we take the right to own them?

But it is all the result of greed. The result of inequality.

So finally, at the last second of our day – before we fall asleep, turning to such a small death – we have to ask ourselves:

Is that the world we want?


Thank you!


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