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“Man makes his devil thus; and then becomes afraid of him and flees; his devil is emboldened, follows him away and casts him into torturing fires. The devil and the burning fires are both the works of man, and none can put the fires out and dissipate the evil one, but man who made them both.” (Jesus the Christ)

“My child, do not take on a great amount of business; if you multiply your interests, you are bound to suffer for it; hurry as fast as you can, yet you will never arrive, nor will you escape by running away. Some people work very hard at top speed, only to find themselves falling further behind.” (Ecclesiasticus 11:10-11)

“I create and design my own problem in life and try to find a beneficial solution to solve it simply and the aftermath is a sustainable product.” (Elmer Tolentino)

“Clay is molded into vessels, and because of the space where there is nothing, you can carry water. Space is carved out from the wall, and because of the place where there is nothing, you can receive light. Be empty, and you will remain full.” (Lao-Tsu)

“Music sets up a certain vibration which unquestionably results in a physical reaction. Eventually the proper vibration for every person will be found and utilized.” (George Gershwin)

“Ashram is a sanctuary where the ember of a male sheep kept and hid inside a hallowed vessel. In other words, it is purely the ash of ram.” (Elmer Tolentino)

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