What is conscience? It is the sense of good and bad in a human being which guides them to take part in life. Every one has their own set of morals and rules in life and whenever a situation arises everyone behaves according to them.

I think that the concept of Swarg and Narak, heaven and hell, good and bad karma was  to make people morally correct. People were  wary of wrong doing as they feared God and  His penace. This resulted in a  strong value system and a  clear conscience.

The advantage of clear conscience is that a person is free from negativity. One lie leads to hundreds of others and the fear of being caught. Malice brings guilt, embarrassment and loss of respect.

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high” these words are so applicable here. If we have nothing to hide, our acts and thoughts are pure, we feel free. We respect ourselves.Our smiles are genuine,  we sleep well and  are happy. We might not garner material wealth or fame , people might perceive us as gullible or not adept with the ways of the world but there is a joy inside which no one can take from us.  We love from heart, speak from heart and act from heart..and when the time of death comes we die peacefully without any weight.

We come to the world with a clean conscience like a clean mirror. Let’s not blur it ..and enjoy the journey of life.


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