“A crowded mind leaves no space for a peaceful heart”- Christine Evangelou


The first time when I read the quote that we cannot fill a full cup, it left me with some questions which struck deep down and I realized yes this is true, but only if the person is ready to accept it, if they are not ready then it is of no use.

Learning is a great skill and one who is good at it will always find a way out of every problem that they encounter in their life. Things do not always work the way we need them to work, and this is why it is important that we learn to work along and have the patience of changing the mindset if required to.

A lot of thoughts which are present in our mind and a lot more which pay us a visit every moment can be controlled after persistent try and this can be the way it has. Life can be swift in some way and can be monotonous is other. If we see the different stages of life, we come to know that at every phase of life we fight with new thoughts, challenges, and every fight is unique as we haven’t prepared for it.

But if we are clear in our thoughts as to what we want and where we want to reach then only, we can work towards the goal of our life.

If we ever want to find a solution, it can only be found if we are clear in our mind, but if our mind is not clear we cannot find a single bit of it. But if we walk slowly and try to figure it out one step at a time, we can eventually reach the solution.

So, calmness of mind can lead to solutions for biggest problem of life and in return we find peace of mind that is what we are looking forward to.