Me: Dear God, Do you actually hear my prayers. If you do, then why don’t you answer?

God: My dear child, do you think any prayer you address to me goes unheard? No, never. I hear every prayer. But I do not answer your prayers the way you expect them to be answered.

Me: Isn’t it the same as not answering my prayer?

God: Just like a parent doesn’t grant his child every wish the child expresses, how can I as a loving parent grant you something which is not good for you? Imagine a 5 year old child asking for a bike, do you think it is safe for such a wish to be fulfilled? The child will not only put himself in danger, he will cause harm to everyone around him. So please understand, if your prayer isn’t fulfilled, it is because it’s non fulfillment is in your best interests.

Me: But sometimes even when my demand is reasonable, you do not answer me. I call out to you so fervently, and it seems like you are ignoring me.

God: That’s because you expect me to answer in  a particular way. If you need help, then I always send help, except that it may not be in the form you expect.

Me: I don’t get you.

God: You cannot expect me to come personally and help you out. Sometimes I come in the form of your friend to motivate you. Sometimes I come in the form of your boss and shout at you so that you are motivated to get your work done. Sometimes I come in the form of your parents to scold you and knock some sense into you. Sometimes I come in the form of your inner voice to guide you. The form in which I send you help changes, nevertheless I never ignore your prayers when they come directly from your heart.

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