While being at home. It always makes us feel free. The entire home is just a relaxing place. But there is always a cozy place in your home. For me it’s my bedroom and the balcony adjoined to it. I love my bedroom as it has all the energy that I need to feel recharged and gives me a space of mind when I just want to do nothing. This place is where I read, write, record my podcast. You will find everything related to me my books, clothing, some trophies that eventually reminds me of my capability as an individual. How my life has been while growing up as an adult!

Sometimes I hate this place of how continuously I just be there without even thinking to discover a new place for me. I wonder the place has all my good and bad, high and low. All the journey stored in a room. It’s amazing. The place gives me peace and safeguard me when I feel fear. There is a window in my room through which I gaze outside. The world having house and mountains with a blue sky, some clouds with stars and moon at the night. I often tend to watch out of the window with moving the curtains an inch; in the morning to see the white light out and in the night with lights of I gaze the darkness with some house lights still on. With some music and roll my eye in search for the moon. Some days I met him some days I just enjoy the stars. It’s purely beautiful, like always. Soothing my eyes and soul and giving me a sense of solitude with realizing both day and night are a part of mine.

Adjoined to the room there is a balcony. With a bed, where I tend to sit in the morning with a cup of water. I sip in the water slowly- slowly and just stare at the open space. It’s like harmony. Some day you see blue sky with sun trying to wake up and reach to you with his golden glitter everywhere. Some days it rains. Someday it snows and some day it just a normal day. But I like watching it. I breathe in the cold air and make my lungs happy. Stretch a bit for the body needs to be moved.

Sometimes I just tend to be there in the night or even midnight. Where I just sit and enjoy the moonlight with understanding how peaceful can darkness be. Making my soul speak and listen to my heart. Understand myself a bit more. it helps me to think and write and feel myself. its so peaceful that I can literally hear the river flowing which is quite a distant away from me. Its magic and I love being like this.

These are my cozy spots at home. what about you?